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  1. Feel emotionally drained today. Probably has nothing to do with video games, more so relationship uncertainty, business frustration, and a crap night of sleep. Glad that I don't have video games to escape to, instead I can sit in my emotions and really feel them.
  2. Doing one module of Game Quitters each day this week. Zero desire so far for video games or gaming related activities. Good start, but need to follow the process to buffer against when triggers can arise. Feeling good generally about all of this, although not very enthusiastic.
  3. OK restarting game quitters, almost one year to the day. I never finished it the first time and had mixed success because of that. So this time I am going full send and ready to reap the full benefits.
  4. Hello, I'm Neil and I live in Denver, Colorado. I've quit playing video games three other times in my life. This time I have the tools, support and actions to really own it. I woke up feeling rested and ready. I can feel the thoughts of playing Clash Royale lingering in my head. What if I don't login? What if I don't support my clan? What if I don't complete that challenge? I went to sleep seeing images of gameplay and scenarios playing out. Having just done the introductory module before bed writing Why I play video games and Why I am quitting was so impactful for the mindset of waking up today. I'm really looking forward to what is ahead.