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  1. 52 minutes ago, Alexanderle said:

    Well you have to ask yourself this: Is it in line with your identity, your goals and beliefs? Very rarely, I play a couple of rounds of skribbl with some old gaming buddies or we watch a movie. This maybe happens like once per 3 months probably. Perfectly in line with my current lifestyle. Having steam installed at playing for 6 hours a days would not be in line. So I guess, whatever your goals are and whether you feel in control about what you do would be something to take into consideration.

    That is definitely true. However, I think that meeting people in real life would be even better. 

    Completely agree. I just see it as a temporary thing whilst everything is locked down, as guys in general are pretty bad at staying in contact. They do as well I believe.

    I'm more interested to see whether I can stay productive tomorrow with less sleep/light hangover. A good test ūüôā¬†

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  2. 17 hours ago, Alexanderle said:

    Yeah, this old question somewhere between the line of moderation, complete absence and diehard excessiveness. What are those quiz/gaming sessions about? 

    General knowledge quiz once a week with beers then a bit of call of duty. Pretty fun tbh!

  3. Day 3

    Feeling a bit tired today. Think I'm training too much so looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. I'm still pondering whether playing games with real life mates is acceptable, especially given lockdown. I am eering on yes and still planning on doing our weekly quiz/game session. Everyday they message me so its definitely a test to the willpower. However these are mates I've had for a long time and I know how healthy it is to socialise and stay connected. I'm not someone who is great at texting or calling go games are a great way to watch up.

    Most of my cravings today are nofap related, probably not the wisest idea to try and stop everything at once. I feel strongly that porn is bad however still debating what else is acceptable. Feeling a bit tired and irritable also feel blessed with the great weather we had today.

    Stuck to all of my daily habits. House is a bit of a mess though, better get cleaning! lol

  4. I agree.. another frame to look at it from is consuming vs creating. I'm trying to limit (even self development) information unless it serves an actual practical purpose (e.g. a guide to do x). Anyone who has followed self development for awhile already has all the information they need, most of it is actually repetitive. I would suggest an hour with no input would serve a greater good than an hour "learning" on youtube at that point.

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    Day 2

    Today has been tougher. Struggling somewhat to fill my day with productive activities, the day feels so long without monging out for hours using technology especially with the virus situation.

    My triggers at the moment seem to be boredom and stress (which is quite low at the moment), also arguments with my girlfriend. Need to figure out a plan for when these inevitably hit, as my go to is exercise which you can only really do once a day.

    Finished all of my daily habits which is cool. Did have a slip up and watched an hour or so youtube but no biggie - need to learn to be kinder to myself as I am a perfectionist who regularly beats myself up.


    Glad to have this journal to keep me accountable - still in the early stages and taking each day as it comes. Particularly happy with my 10k run - my goal to run a sub 18:30 5k seems to be the most exciting thing going on in my life at the moment.


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  6. Day 1 


    Today went pretty well! Its actually day 2 of my 5 day challenge which will end on Friday. Used technology pretty productively aside from a few misteps here and there. It has become clear to me though that I am lacking a sense of direction in my life, specifically in my career. 

    Currently I have a well paid, low stress and flexible job however something which I know is not my passion. It is a bit too comfortable which has prevented me from leaving in the past however fortunately I have a lot of free time to figure out what my purpose here in life is.. not quite sure how to go about that as it has been a consistent thought on my mind for a few years now... 

    Managed to complete my daily habits (9pm digital detox, exercise, meditation, italian lesson and this post). Currently I have a goal to run a 18min 5km (loads of 5km challenges going around). Still need to figure out a career/mission goal to give me a reason to get going during the day.


    Can be more productive with my TO DO list. Figure out some other beneficial activities to alleviate the boredom, perhaps get into reading again. Need to bottom out my long term tech plan, which websites I can/can't use etc. Slightly concerned that my phone/laptop block runs out tomorrow, need to stay on the ball!





  7. Whats up guys/gals,

    I wanted to start a journal here to document my journey and get some accountability. 

    To give you guys some background I have had issues with bad habits throughout my life, starting initially playing video games (Runescape) as an escape as a kid which has slowly morphed and transformed as time has passed. I have been on my self development journey for awhile now and have a lot of experience dealing with and overcoming many other bad habits, some serious and some more socially acceptable.

    However one thing I have always struggled with and for me is the hardest to overcome is technology use. This is currently manifesting itself in playing xbox (mostly with real life mates) and excessive internet (phone/laptop) usage.

    I am currently I am doing a 5 day challenge (9pm digital detox, exercise everyday, meditate everyday, take my vitamins, write a to do list and not use xbox/youtube). I live a good life however I want to live a great life, and I am painfully aware that isn't going to happen wasting hours on tech each day. 

    My plan is to post daily updates and keep you updated with my insights and progress. I am aware of the benefits of journalling however have always struggled sticking to it. I have many questions I want to delve into however I will leave those for other posts.

    Hope everyone is well.



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