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  1. Video games aren't fun anymore. They just make me rage, want to smash shit, want to scream and shout. When something goes wrong with a game or my console I get tense, anxious, angry and feel mad. Games are all about making money these days with micro transactions like FIFA points. I used to be fun when I was a kid but as an adult gaming just makes me mad and sad. I want to quit but don't know how to start. Help plz. Thanks.

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  2. 13 hours ago, jakeyb540 said:

    Anger is a tricky emotion, it can sometimes stem from fear, sadness, or something else. Recognize the emotions, sit with them and find out more about them. The feeling you have when your game was interrupted unexpectedly, it is a real feeling and also an omen. You are in control, how do you let yourself feel so strongly about it?

    What do you gain from a game of FIFA 2020 versus what do you gain from doing something else?

    I gain largely little from playing FIFA. 

    It is true what you say.

  3. Hi,


    I am trying to quit gaming as it causes me nothing but stress , anxiety and anger.

    I lose my temper when things go wrong with my console, an Xbox One S and it causes stress and anxiety to my family.


    I am prone to swearing loudly, punching walls and hitting myself in rages.

    My Xbox One S console just randomly reset and turned off and then back on again whilst in the middle of a game of FIFA 20. It is gone midnight here in the UK so I cannot lose my temper but I feel angry anxious and stressed. I fear it may start doing this repeatedly and I will lose another Xbox. I had the standard version Xbox back in 2017 which I had from 2015 and in 17 it broke down completely with a black screen every time I turned it on. 

    If this Xbox One S breaks down I will be angry, stressed and anxious and I am afraid I will explode with rage and cause my family stress and anxiety. How can I get through this? How can I keep calm? I want to quit gaming as it makes me ill and does not give me the fun and pleasure it did when I was a teenager.

    Help please???

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