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  1. I didn't write yesterday, but I'm doing fine.

    4 days gem free. Huh. That's a lot, right? Troubles with concentration and sleeping a lot.

    Right now I have to focus more on my work. And stick to my plan.

  2. Yesterday, I did most of the things I planned. Zero procrastination, a lot of work and some housework were done. Also, I attended to CGAA meeting.

    Today, I have an important exam. I hope I'll pass it. Wish me luck.


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  3. I woke up today and I slept for almost 10 hours! Wow, I was so exhausted for a lot of gaming. 

    Hmm... I have to stick to my plan.

    My plan for today as the question of Deku asks me is to work for a couple of hours, do some cleaning in my house and also some researching and studying. Also, I want to cook dinner today instead of ordering it. Ah, and I can't forget about coming to CGAA meeting.

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  4. Hey people, I feel better with your words of encouragement. Thanks for that.

    This day I spent without video games. I'm grateful for 1 day of abstinence. No games, no procrastination on the Internet. It's tough, but I will manage. One day at a time.

    Also. I decided to go to the CGAA meeting to listen to other addicts. It was good step for me. I feel like I need it in my recovery.


    I planned tomorrow and I want to stick to this plan. Wish me best.

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  5. Sooo... I did it so far. I didn't play video games for like couple of hours.

    It's day one right now.

    19th February 2019. Good morning.

    I still wonder how could I replace them. Because right now I feel like I have a lot of time and I feel the void in my life. I don't know what to do and I don't have any idea how to replace video games. Hmm. On the other hand I have some work to do on my job. Well, I think I just have to do it. But I feel completely lost.

    Anyways. Thanks for comment of approval Mouxine and Cam Adair. 

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  6. Hello there...

    I have no idea what should I write here... I think that I want to write down my thoughts.

    I feel devastated right now and aware at the same time. Aware of wasted time in my life.

    I've wasted it not only on video games but on the computer at all. Trying to escape from real life.

    I want to change it and I hope that this journal will help me with it.


    So, today is day zero I think? Like this, 18th February 2019, right? 

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