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  1. Hello,

    So my name is Abdulaziz 33 years now and this is my story :

    I am the youngest of my brothers I remember one of my brothers had a PC and he was playing a game on it and he would let me play on he's PC and I loved it was called Sakhr computers. Then I got Nintendo family where u get a like a cassette and in it u would have 1000 games! this was addicting and I would be playing for hours even at a young age (from 4pm till 7pm). Then one day I came back from school I was 11 saw my father and brother smiling and I look guess what it's a freaking PS1 with 3 games I still remember those games TOP GUN, Twisted Metal, and probably Tekken3?.


    So far I've been playing regular games when I say regular I mean I STILL was not introduced to ONLINE gaming and this is when my grades went from average to poor. Around the age of 16 I got hooked at my 1st online game Counter Strike I would escape from home just to play with friends at a game shake till 5 am and sometimes would switch it to play War of Warcraft 3. 

    All this while I was still in High school still and my life was ok because I managed to pass my school, after finishing HS I started playing a game called Gunbound and for the 1st time ever I started to play a game that has RANKS. This is when I became a ppltopass type of a player. Managed to be 7th Globally a blue dragon and 2nd in NA servers a red dragon and to be honest what made me love it so much is the sense of achievement I would see it by the minute and this alone gave me a great satisfaction. I sold my account and moved on to a new Online game called Maplestory and the same thing happens here as well played for hours.

     By this time I was studying in a university majoring in Business administration was already in 3 different universities around the Globe. My 1st was in a university in my home town Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Didn't do well moved to Dubai spent a year there didn't do well ether, finally I ended up in Vancouver struggled there between private and community colleges finished two years got my diploma then moved to the East side in a small town called Wolfville, NS managed to finish my university with a GPA of 2.34/4. At the age of 26 while most of my fellow classmates average age was at 22 It took me 8 years to get my bachelors degree since I was done high school. 

    2012 came back home and found a job started as an administrative assistant guess what was my worry? dammit CoD coming this November how can I get a fiber optic internet speed so I can play all night. fast forward 2014 met my future wife decided to get married took a time off from work and in April 2015 got married my wife immediately noticed my problem bcuz she would see me playing CoD all day; At this time I decided I need to change to I stopped playing console games.

    Now another gaming addiction and this is a new one freaking mobile gaming and what made it worse I can play it anywhere anytime, to the point if I stop in a traffic light I would be playing, a restaurant, waiting in a line, and while I am doing my 1 and 2 in the bathroom. 2017 we got a baby boy and my addiction didn't stop.

    I know I have a gaming problem I am 33 years old now happily married and yet I don't feel like I accomplished anything in life I don't do good at work, didn't do well at school, and what's worse just recently I started playing in a private server of a game I used to play online back in 2005! I come here with great hope because I honestly didn't think my problem was because I played online games but google helped me find this community and hopefully there are stories like mine here which I already read.


    Thank you for reading!


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