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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Thanks much for the support! Really appreciate it.
  2. I've been playing video games since I started going to elementary school. I managed to study well, do well in sports and even work crazy investment banking hours while still playing video games. Luckily I've lost interest in new games around 2009 as they got super repetitive, same thing happened to movies IMHO. Also I've been blessed to have passed my peak interest in games before MMOs became very popular, and I never felt the urge to collect random items in games. Still I felt like I had two black holes for my spare time: old games and porn. Multiple times I've broken away from these addictions due to time restrictions and other interests. I think that these addictions thrived at the expense of my social life. I've had plenty of girlfriends but few friends and I don't have a steady group of buddies to hang out with because hanging out always seemed too boring. To this day I hate sitting around in restaraunts and stuff like that. I recently turned 28 and I have made a super strong commitment to leave video games and porn in the past. I'm an entrepreneur and I will not let addictions rob me of time and focus. I definitely quit on July 21. I have deleted anything related to games everywhere including my cellphone. I will sell my xbox360 and all accessories online in the next 2 days. I've been postponing that action feeling nostalgic about a few games. I'm positive that I can't do moderation as it is much harder for me than just quitting all toghether. So I'm confident that I've made the only right choice. I have successful experience quitting cigarettes and caffeine for good so I expect to power through all kind of cravings, as I am desperate for the changes my mind will go through, crystal-clear thoughts, lifestyle changes and load of time and energy freed from those nasty evil drains. Day 5 Previous 4 days were fine, my mind seems to drift to game nostalgia at times, but I've got plenty of things people expect me to deliver, three businesses to develop, vital skills to master and employees to manage. I say to my previous addictions: Thank you for the past as I had an "escapist cave" to hide away and get centered. And also f*ck you, we are through! Thank you Cam for this helpful resource and thank you all the members of GameQuitters community. I will do my best not to let you down and will keep you updated for at least the next 85 days. Peace)
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