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  1. Greetings fellows, I'm another hardened gamer who's trying to quit. One of the gifts I was given is that of synthesis, so I'll be quick. I'm 19 and live in a peaceful small town in Italy, so far from any potential friends that I started playing games (as my only form of entertainment) since I was 6. I only really had bullying problems from third to fifth grade, and actually most people seemed to appreciate me at school; I have a perfect family and good relations, I did not suffer any kind of trauma, I couldn't ask anything more from life. The real issue is the fact that I remove time from studying and give it to gaming, and this has been lowering my grades since about five years ago. Now I'm right in finals period and about to go to university, and I really cannot afford to lose more time to this hobby. I'll admit, if I'll keep gaming for a few hours a week after this course I really don't mind; what I want to achieve is to be able to switch priority to more important things in my life and leave the absolute last place in my priority list for videogames. To anyone who actually read this, I just probably wasted about two minutes of your life. Were they well spent? The ones I spent for writing probably are.
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