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  1. Hi. I need some advice on my addiction/hobby. Currently I create mods for Warcraft 3 (which I was/am addicted to, not gaming) and I love creating content for other people to enjoy/experience. However, like as with gaming for many people on here, I have problems moderating my time spent on working on the mods. But I am have some inner conflicts whether to give it up or not. On one side, it takes up a lot of my time to finish projects etc. On the other hand, it is a hobby that fulfills my creative needs and might even grant me jobs in the industry as a level designer (I keep an eye on level designer jobs and there are some from even Blizzard themselves where they hire modders). I'm having doubts whether to replace the modding with another creative activity or if I should just keep doing it. It's very effective way for me to relax. I tried drawing but I don't enjoy it at all. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. So, I've been reflecting on something Cam talked about in his videos. And before I start, I just want to say I don't want to start an argument or anything and that this is just a topic I want to view from a different angle and hear what you all have to say about it. So. In his videos he (and many other in the comments) mentions that when living at home or in a dorm, there was a feeling of shame whenever parents/friends/roommates walked in in your room while gaming. And when these people saw you gaming you felt shame, and some people mentioned that they used to shut down the game immediately to hide what they were doing. Now, most people in the comments seem to recognize this. My question is: should you really be ashamed? Isn't it just society's value of video games being "bad" that makes us feel that shame? And why do we give society's opinion in this matter so much credit? Society is just another viewpoint that isn't any more real than your own. Isn't it all in your head? Again, I don't take anyone's side in this, just want to view it from a non-societal( is that even a word? x) ) objective viewpoint. What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear. //Fabian
  3. Hi. My name is Fabian and I want to share my addiction, which is quite odd. I'm addicted to Warcraft 3 modding. I don't have any problems when it comes to playing games, but the Warcraft 3 editor has caused some problems in my life I believe. Sometimes I can sit for an entire day just modding, which usually involves scripting code, texture editing, 3D model editing etc. For the past few years, because of this, I always believed that my passion is creating games. I suppose in a sense it has made me extremely productive. I've worked towards building a portfolio and thought about applying to various game development educations. This has kept me very motivated and this is the direction I have been moving. This year I recognized that I might actually be using it as an escape, since it makes me isolated and antisocial, and did a detox for 45 days and then relapsed. The problem is that if I abandon this career path, I feel like I will lose all direction. For example I enjoy creating websites (for my work), but when I stop the modding I no longer have the motivation to make websites. My current plan is to start University after summer, in Software Engineering or Computer Science, and find other computer-related work without gaming. But I worry that it will not work out in the long run and I will always have the craving to create mods/games. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks for reading!