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  1. Day 2

    9 AM: Woke up again after dreaming all night about my character and base. I made my girlfriend change my account password so she only knows it and never tells it to me.

    The game I am addicted to is an open world sandbox survival game in which you build your own town and develop your character. Playing it every day made me feel emotionaly bounded to that place I called the second home, my base I built and lived in for 3+ years.

    I started doing things to fill the gap, everytime I have a bad urge to play, Im doing 10 pushups or 10 squats or I clean the room/Wash the dishes etc.

    I mostly feel the urge to play in the morning and at night. I hope I wont dream about it this night aswell.



    Yesterday,  Day 0  (23 PM) :

     I was playing as usual the game I have been playing since 2014, Salem the game.

    It was getting late and I had many things to do for college or around the house but what was I doing? Escaping to another world, building my life in that imaginary world and neglecting my real one.

    At that moment I just quit the game and deleted it. Ive done this many times before but with no succes. After this, I did some college work for tomorrow and went to sleep.

    Day 1  

    (8 AM? Woke up after dreaming of playing Salem, at night it felt like a burden was taken from me and I was confident I will quit for good. Now in the morning I want to play again, I am thinking of my character I worked years to build, my town and friends. I am heading to college now, I hope the urge will go away and I will not relapse when arriving home later today, relapsing from Day 1 would be sad.

    (11 PM): Can't say I was very productive today but Ive done some things around the house and spent more time with my girlfriend. I started working on some scool projects and a friend is helping me to code in a game dev program. I feel the need to play Salem but now that Im not on discord/forums and the social side is gone, its getting better.

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