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Kaizen - The Quest for Neverending Self-Improvement

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Journal Day #18 // Days without gaming: 40                                                                                                                                                         Tuesday, 4/4/2017

I cracked the forty-day mark, only five more and 50% of my journey has been achieved. Returning to the metaphor of this journal, I'd say that I still meander in mist as I do not have full clarity in all my actions. Still feel a bit lost and overwhelmed at times but hey, everyone does at one point. The path starts to go uphill and things become a bit more challenging, but in hindsight, it's always the hard things that contribute more to shaping your character than the easy ones. In other words: back to work-a-holic mode. Doing sports has paid off and I lost some excess weight. Meditation keeps me grounded.

Thanks for reading so far and thanks for all the comments, I'm glad I started this journey and have some fellow wanderers on the road to personal betterment. Let's push onward towards the peak, shall we?

Gratitude journal

- my family and my dog

- my friends

Workout/run: walked 3kms                                                Meditation: full cycle                                   Daily affirmation: Well done, keep going!

Daily reflection:

good incidents: started to work again

bad incidents: procrastination

potential for improvement: complain less, work more

Gaze towards the future ~ personal goals

Weekly Goal(s): revise concept for thesis, this will not work out in its current form

Monthly Goal: make decent progress on the thesis, ace an important exam, keep moving onward

3 Month Goal: Successfully complete 90 days of non-gaming in order to make my brain rewire. There is no way back as I do not own gaming-related stuff anymore, however withdrawal symptoms might be hard.

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Posted (edited)

Alright, this journal ends here. I'll keep it classy and write in a physical one from now on. I figured there'd be more exchange. Whatever, I need to walk my own way anyway. @mod: Feel free to delete this thread, sorry for the trouble. So long, GQ!

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