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Day 6!

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Oh my !

I am on my first day of nogames and I am stressed and got irritated quickly.

I went through one day a couple days ago and I couldn'slept for a night.

It was very tough. yesterday I relapsed and I was like  I have gone through the night of not gaming and now I have to start it all over. Going through the next night where I feel that II undid my progress of one day.

What I amtrying to say is  I have pushed through one day and I cannot imagine that I gamed for 20 minutes 20 mj utes of high concentrated pleasure induced by dopamine is worth a whole day of progression.

So I woke a uptoday  thinuking about gaming I remembered my Realisation from yesterday  I went for a walk after lunch to be in aanother environment.

I realized that I need to progress in the way of how to deal with stress to control my mood fluctuations throughout the day.

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