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Making a planner

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Recently I have quit gaming (again) and in order to help me with that I need to make a planner. In the past I have made a 24/7 planner for 2 weeks which was very time consuming, but it was very detailled. A downside to this though is that it doesn't include downtime or a change of plans, like small talk after working out. Can you imagine "oh, according to my planner I need to do my homework right now, goodbye!" in the middle of a conversation? Or traffic delay. You get the idea. I want to create a planner which is easily made, preferably on a smartphone app with notices for important obligations. But I don't want making a schedule consume too much time either.
I was wondering how those that do make a planner are making it. Are you planning in blocks of 30m, do you cover 24h or only a portion of the day? Are you using it as a guideline or strictly following your planner?
Please share your ideas, I will be happy to implement others insight into making a planner!

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Personally I've never had much luck with planners. I'd spend ages making them, accounting for free time and so on, but I just never follow it or something changes every day. 

What I've started doing now is setting myself a few things that I have to get done today. I use the Productivity Planner but you can do it yourself. 

Set yourself the single most important thing you need to get done today. You have to think of it like 'if this is the only thing I do today I'd be happy'. 

They you set a couple of tasks to do only after you've finished that main one. Then a couple more that would make the day even better, but aren't necessary. 

This way you can quickly jot it down in the morning on your phone notepad or something. 

It also ensures something very very important. That you work smarter, rather than harder. It'll make a big difference if you can keep yourself accountable to it. 

If you're set on the app however, I'm not particularly sure. You could hire someone to build it online, or keep searching until you find one. Or learn to code as a fun project and make it yourself! 

Best of luck to you :) 

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Hi now that I have found a Routine which works for me I am able to contribute to this thread. Here is the link to ym enw Journal where I decribe my workflow :

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