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Daily Journal - Rick

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APPLYING it is huge! 

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Thanks Ben!

This monday is a bit soggy, like the rest of past week. It's so hot and warm here and i'm plowing through every afternoon. Getting things on track feels good. I have had a lot of thoughts and insights this week. Writing it all down is a good way to get rid of all the unnessecary stuff. I i have progressed with my REWIRE collage. I will make a photo off it when i'm done, and i have to hurry because this week ill start more new stuff, implent a few things like an evening routine (to get my ass in bed at 10PM) and the habbit to walk, write and express myself always (because i tend to lock every thought in my mindvault). The why questions in my head are never gone tho. Sometimes i get in a dreary mood and i can't counter it very well yet. The question is always "why would i do this?" and/or "for who or what would i do it?". 

Sometimes i can grasp the life and sometimes i feel it pour through my fingers. oh, i remember the 1 insight that has me thinking very, very well. It's this:

i'm constantly evaluating myself. 

That came clear as water to me last week. And it feels really vulrenable and painful to think about it. I stumbled upon this quora question: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-I-and-how-can-I-stop-myself-from-continuously-evaluating-myself-compare-myself-with-others-and-envy-others-success

That's what i will be busy with this week. Enjoy your week to.

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