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Accountability Partners are groups of people (usually in pairs) who hold each other accountable in their commitment to not play video games. Typically, partners swap contact information and check-in with each other every day to provide support for reaching their goals.

When you create a thread, follow these guidelines:

- In the title, include your age and the gender you identify with (many prefer to partner with someone of the same gender), and also include any specific goals (like "For the 90 day detox")

- In the thread itself, describe more about yourself and what kind of accountability partner you are looking for. Include anything you are comfortable with. Asking for someone similar to yourself would be best. For example, "I'm a 22 year old male American university student looking for another male American university student" and be sure to include your preferred method and frequency of contact. ("Skype video twice per day, WhatsApp text each morning, etc")

Responding to other threads:

- Only respond to threads that you fit the criteria of. If there is no thread that exists that you're looking for, create it yourself.

Staying Safe

It is strongly recommended that you refrain from posting your personal contact information in-thread and operate, at least in the beginning, through private messaging.

Never share passwords. Don't share any information you are not completely comfortable sharing. Beware of trolls. Read some articles on safe internet usage.

When you find an partner:

- Please post in your thread that you have found a partner so I can close the thread.

Shoutout to NoFap for the inspiration and guideline with this thread.

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