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    Vlog & Text Journal
    This video was recorded in one shot, no editing, as I want to keep it natural. Here is my "manuscript" if you want to read it:
    When we started in 8th grade at a new school, my friend was good to socialize with new people, but I often just listened to the conversations, I didn't participate . As time progressed my friend started to include me less and less, and started hangin out with other boys in the class, leaving me alone after school playing video games as I didn't know what else to do. Nearly every day after school, all I did was sit and play on my computer for hours upon hours. And I didn't realise that I was playing that much. I got more and more unsocial, and played more and more. This lasted for around 1 and a half years, until I got some new friends in another class that had a gaming interest aswell. I started hangin out with em in the school freetime and sometimes in the weekends, but I still played alot on my computer. My older sister started recognizing all the hours I constantly played for days upon days, therefore she and my parents tried to stop me. But I got really mad at them and had a really bad attitude, I cared more for playing than talking to them. I stopped going to Judo (which is a fighting sport) because I got bored of it. I ended up playing more games and had nearly no excercise except from Dancing in the freetime and the gym classes at school. Some time progressed and I started to experience back problems and neck issues. And I have realised now when I'm 15 that I just sit and play games. And that time has ruined my "life" (I say "life" as I know alot is still ahead of me). I want to make a change
    Right Now I am at my parents cabin. Yesterday we played this game, Basicly it was cards against humaninty but in my language, so that was a bit awkward. I have also drawed this (this is for my project in school, but I actually noticed I liked drawing stuff). Also yesterday I watched an origami video, and made this in an effort of making a plane, but as you see it doesn’t fly quite well. All though it was my first try.
    My plans for my future:
    Some of you may have noticed that I have a YouTube channel. This channel is based on tech reviews, Vlogs and other stuff. I am planning on starting to really work on this channel in about 1 to 2 weeks, since that is around the time when my exams are finished, yea I know that early, In may I am basically just waiting for summer. I am 15 and turning 16 this year, in my country that means that after summer I am going to start at a new school. I am extremely excited because this is my new chance that I did not grab 2 years ago at this school. I have now decided to go film making beside normal studies, this means that I have to have extra long school days, but I just love recording and creating videos, and graphic design etc, so I think this will be a great choice because I like the class type and maybe I meet other passionate people. Two of my best friends are actually going to go to the same school (don’t worry, I chose this independently, they didn’t even know of the class before I told them about it).
    Well yeah. That is my current situation and future plans. I am thinking of updating this journal every once in a while as of when I want, but don’t really expect me to post each day, but perhaps in the future? Well see.
    Here is the video, be aware this is not my main channel so don't watch the other videos please, they are when I tried being a gaming youtuber. The videos are unlisted so only this link will get you to the video:
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  2. Aleksander B added a post in a topic 17 YO male looking for a fellow teenager, any gender :-)   

    I am also norwegian :D. We could be partners if you'd like. I see this post is a bit old but I'lø give it a try!
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    YES! DEFINETELY! I have started doing this and my friends love that I take the initiative. I try to host weekend meet ups (whether that's bowling, gokart, paintball, maze lazer etc.). After the last bowling session we ate pizza, and later me and one other went to a shopping mall, and bought some earbuds. I noticed I didn't really know him but as we walked alone on our way we got more bonded as friends. Awesome idea to host these things!
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    That is so awesome. My game quitting has helped me a ton. Generally my focus greatly improved which helped my social skills a ton. I also beecame more confident of myself. If you don't know what to do in your freetime, find a local basketball group or something. Hit the gym. Excercise CERTAINLY makes me feel better (I now do 50 push ups and some back excercises EACH night and I feel great and it really helps me sleep better! Good luck on your journeet, keep us updated!
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    Typical Teens?
    Hey guys, I am wondering if you got any tips for what's typical for teens these days because I am making a video on it (Yes I know i've been posting lots of these posts lately but It's actually this site that's most helpful). I am planning on adding effects to so would be great to have some inpiut So far i have:
    Late for class (run). Get to class moment their seated (i am the one)

    When u see the bus and ure about to miss it (run)
    Conversations be like (dab, "hey", dab, "hey" (conversation goes so on)).

    Temptation of doing something you shouldn't (run in class hallway when other classes have exams even though signs says be quiet)

    When u get that snapstreak goal 

    When u forgot to deliver your  packed lunch after school and mom yells (run)
    When u say ur gonna stop doing something atm. But accidently do it again 
    When u owe 1 guy money and you forgot it one day. And everyone keeps telling you to pay and that you owe them money too (even tho you don't).
    When ur teacher checks ur homework which u forgot to do.
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    Awesome! Hey perhaps you could add me on skype? Post me a private message if you'd like so
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    How to get more attention online?
    Hoyaa people!
    So I'm around my 25th day of Detox (YAY!)
    I've completely quit playing and deleted my games on steam. (I've recently played some Wii Tennis with some friends which I really don't see as GAMING, but tell me otherwise).
    So I am looking for methods to get more attention online towards my youtube channel?
    Any good places to post on forums etc?
    Any tips on Thumbnail making, graphics etc?
    Maybe some of you know how to make channel banners?
    I've discovered that this channel I created has become a passion of mine but being the Ego guy I am I of course want others to see my videos. But these days it's so hard starting from 0.
    Push me over the Edge guys!   
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    This is inspiring to my own quest! Thanks for sharing!
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    Agreed. Thanks for looking into my channel :). I've actually gained 11 subs over just under a week! Very happy with the responses!
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  12. Aleksander B added a post in a topic Video Games VS Reality   

    Aww! <3
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  13. Aleksander B added a post in a topic Video Games VS Reality   

    haha! Thanks
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    Haha true!
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