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  1. wouldliketoquitgaming added a topic in Daily Journals   

    2017 soon ...
    i just was thinking while siting on my bed this morning  how am gonna celebrate of the new year? ...i can join party at least even after these years of gaming but it's gonna be boring for me as hell  ...

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  2. wouldliketoquitgaming added a post in a topic what to do during eating   

    i remember i read an article about this its really important and healthy  to take your time while eating and i advice you if you feel lonely go eat with friends out or maybe invite them and try to cook something together i often do that
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  3. wouldliketoquitgaming added a topic in Lifestyle   

    how to boost studying time
    does any one know some tips to  study more  ? 
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  4. wouldliketoquitgaming added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    hi am new here
    Hi all ,Am gamers since 3 years i  used to spend like 5-12 hours a day i deleted my steam games 2 days ago for first time but life its really hard now ,maybe some of you guys had sociable life (full life ) before his addiction and its easy to get it back  but what about who haven't any thing ,i wasn't sociable and my life was empty i had some hobbies before yes like jogging and reading but still empty life .
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