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  1. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    Thanks man, it's a real process. It take time and experience to get good at life without gaming. 
    Have you thought about what this would look like as a paid Slack group?
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  2. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    I haven't posted in awhile. Work is going well - lots of stressors. I stumbled a little today. I installed some iPad games and played for a few hours thinking it was the same as Netflix ... it was not. I'm writing this at 2:11 AM. That's not to say I haven't binged watch some Netflix during my "detox" but generally I'll get bored and turn it off. The games kept me occupied past the evening hump. Obviously there is a lot going on right now - a new baby on the way, new job, life struggles - but the games definitely did not help me move forward in a positive way.
    In a way I'm glad this happened. It was a reaffirmation that my addiction to gaming is still too fresh and needs more time to heal. 
    As not-fun as it sounds, I think I'll add some household chores to my list instead of games. 
    I wasn't ready for the crash after an intense few weeks at work, the holidays, and then lots of money and time off to spend.  
    So ... I'm staying on the wagon and thinking of you all often. #next90
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  3. Colin added a post in a topic Maybe in for a relapse ...   

    I wanted to let you guys know that I made it and you had a large part in that. Thank you. ❤️???????? #first90 #next90
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  4. Colin added a post in a topic Relapse Time Unknown   

    You're not alone Ben and you're also not weak or a bad person.
    I just posted recently in the relapse forums because it almost sucked me back in.
    There are replacements for the feelings you get from specific games, Minecraft -> explore, build, create, socialize, compete, etc. That's what Game Quitters teaches at its core. How to replace those feelings and that is great. It's like the first step. You can start there with your game. Why feelings or what specifically are you getting out of your favorite games and how can you get those same feelings from RL?
    The master class version is to sit quietly and do Heartwork through the feelings of not being able to get those feelings when you want or need them. For me, that is more difficult, painful, but also more rewarding because in the opposite side of the intense feelings is freedom and ironically the same feeling you were trying to find - only more intense. 
    Here's a link to how to do Heartwork: https://awakentheheart.org/guided-heartwork/
    Good luck, you are not alone - we are right here with you!
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  5. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    Feeling a little like I want to go back to gaming - new job, cold weather, darker days ... they're all new reasons to game again. 
    Getting some great support from the forums. It's renewing and comforting to know that I have compatriots. 
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  6. Colin added a post in a topic Maybe in for a relapse ...   

    That's really awesome and I needed to hear it all. Really appreciate you being there. Thanks man!
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  7. Colin added a topic in Relapse   

    Maybe in for a relapse ...
    I downloaded Minecraft yesterday, just to see how it could be any different than Netflix. Within a short time I was thinking of downloading World of Warcraft - just a few clicks away from a new account (I had deleted my previous account) I stopped myself. 
    It's winter ... well, worse. It's cold without any snow. So, I'm not sure how to proceed. I used to enjoy going to runs and exploring the outdoors, but I feel a little shut-in. I'm also making a big change from self-directed entrepreneur to Director of Sales and Marketing with a national company. It's fun, but I haven't sorted out my routine yet so it's wreaking a little havoc on my schedule - meditations, running, workouts, etc.
    If you have a second, I'd really appreciate a like or quick note. Just a little support in this moment of vulnerability.
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  8. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    I like the idea for anyone over 1 year in.

    Game Quitters Chips.sketch
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  9. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    My pleasure. 
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  10. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    Thanks, all good ideas. I tagged Cam in that post you linked.
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  11. Colin added a post in a topic Add badge as in reddit   

    Not exactly what you're looking for, but something I quickly put together.
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  12. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    I'm attaching some virtual chips I designed. Feel free to use them where you want. If you want a different number I can do it or I've also included the Sketch file.

    Game Quitters Chips.sketch
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  13. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    You can buy them for any recovery program.
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  14. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    Thanks Paul, sorry I'm just seeing this now. 
    The retreat I went on was truly life-changing. What's your passion?
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  15. Colin added a post in a topic Journey Journal   

    Sure - text or email anytime.
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