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  1. Gtx1990 added a post in a topic Thinking about proposing to girlfriend but worried that I may not have enough groomsmen   

    Wow,congratulation.Proposing to girls will make their day bright and happy,do it.????????
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  2. Gtx1990 added a post in a topic Internet is working again at home after appr. 2months.Time to learn some python baby!!!   

    Good luck and glad for you.Just don't get back to gaming,which is the root of evil for us.
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  3. Gtx1990 added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    Quitting game for good
    hi,call me TX.Been playing game since I am 7,which means almost 20 years of gaming.My worst addiction period happens when I was 17-20 whereby I play up to 13 hours a day and then get to work in the morning which causes sleep issues.Now quitting games is one of my priority,I hope we can all do this together!
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  4. Gtx1990 added a post in a topic How I effectively use a planning   

    Your plan is amazing.i have a different plan from yours,whereby mine is reminders and daily task to get by the days and weeks.

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