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  1. LTUPetras added a post in a topic Anyone else "celebrating" alone on the New Year's Eve?   

    Happy New Year yous too! =]
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  2. LTUPetras added a post in a topic Anyone else "celebrating" alone on the New Year's Eve?   

    Oh, that's what it's for... =] I ended up downloading Steam and then Rainbow6 (60GB) which then downloaded Uplay and now I hate it again...
    I did kill time just fine though :3
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  3. LTUPetras added a topic in Social Skills, Dating & Relationships   

    Anyone else "celebrating" alone on the New Year's Eve?
    I never see anyone in chat so I thought I'll just make a new topic...
    So are you ALSO killing time until the midnight so you can go to bed? What are your thoughts on this situation?
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  4. LTUPetras added a post in a topic Any cryptocurrency holders?   

    I've been holding LTC for a while now.... Waiting for the next pump (hopefully) to get out >.<
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  5. LTUPetras added a topic in Relapse   

    Played after ~1.5m out of boredom
    Last time I played something until now was June 16th, but since then (as many others) I was just browsing and watching YouTube and Netflix... So last weekend I was sick of doing THAT, so I reinstalled Win10 (turns out it wasn't the last day for me, since I already had them before) and downloaded Steam...
    I don't even feel like I relapsed, I just got back to the old "boredom killer", but all I got was rage and anger (anyone played Evolve recently..?) and now I'm back to BORED....
    I work full time and whole week am looking forward to the weekend, but then it comes and it's the good ol' depressed boredom times...
    I tried exercising- boring and there still (i'm 30 by the way) is no "feel-good" part for me.
    Went out a few times with my cousin and his friends- boring and expensive.
    Any suggestions?
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