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  1. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    Day 3.Tired. Studying few hours. 
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  2. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    Guys… Remember my last post? It was in celebration… I have betrayed myself…….

    I have relapsed over the couple of weeks…

    When, when I will stop Gaming, Once and forever???

    I need to help you real **** now, otherwise you won’t understand me better.  Ok. So here’s the story, I have been gaming since I was a child. It’s been a habit for years. I have other hobbies, though. Now that I’m 22, I’m not physically in shape and not healthy. My grades are not what I’m expecting as I am in University right now.

    What else?

    I have a hard time AF maintaining a proper schedule. Throughout my entire life, I had been never (or so) able to respect a schedule.. Is it possible? 

    Some good things now. My assets: I am highly creative person. I am Strong-willed, and Strong-desired, and, after thinking about it, that is the reason why gaming seems so appealing to me (I am highly capable of analyzing myself). I want to succeed in life. Now, some people have told me to do the basics and learn the ropes. True. But, I trust my gut instinct. I know it can be achievable. I just know it.

    *Note: All my side notes will be like this.

    *Note: I wish that the forum was more active!

    *Note: I’m going to write minimum 500-700 words, each time, (or at least a decent paragraph, if ever this is not respected)

    However, I have an idea to collaborate with some theory ppl from GameQuitters. The idea is to create a scientific essay about how to quit addiction, Or to just write a book, for the sake of it. My goal is not to get some sort of recognition, but at least get something from here.

    The social dimensions, the fact that ppl can interact throughout this process, can be a source of extreme motivation, and is, according to me, a solution to quit gaming.

    But the things is, ppl are probably capable to recover without these kind of solutions.

    Because right now in my life I don’t know what to do. I’m rather careless about my life, as my ability to be self disciplined is very very low. Study is boring, I have to admit it!

    I have friends, Real good friends, but they are not able to understand me, because I can’t tell them this truth. That’s why I need people, real connections, random ppl from the internet, to share my thoughts with and to collaborate. But, there is a clear fact; a trade-off. A trade-off between providing you the necessary information in order to understand my stuff. I don’t know how much information I can reveal, at what point or it is necessary to do so.


    This project, right here, is like a dream of mine, that I want to accomplish. Help making the society a better place? Meh. But I guess I will.

    My goal is to create a complex analysis based research that requires scientific rigor, dat u can call this op as ****

    If I can quit gaming with this, then for sure I can achieve this project (if gaming can improve self discipline). Btw, I think I am going to be a behavior psychological analyst (I’m also major in Econ).

    So I need you support!

    I don’t know the rest so far, but I’m willing to start this project.

    I will try my best to be consistent and reply to you.

    -TheLight OI

    *Note: Damn sometimes, I wish I can be much disciplined than I am right now!


    What if, all this is could be an RPG. I mean life itself is Not and can’t be an RPG, but just writing things downs, reading this stuff can (this is the right explanation) give and RPG-type feeling. I have transformed my Game Quitters profile into a blog. Lulz..*

    *Note: The following may contain off-topic stuff from quit gaming.

    *Note: Before anything, lemme just tell you that my writing skills have dramatically improved since last year.

    *Note: psychological observation: There is something called the “Sharpness of thought”, which implies precise keyterms, not general theory, when someone tells the other an advice. You cannot be too obvious, by the way, as the value of the information degrades. Also coherency is important in this text. I try to be not too obvious and very coherent too!

    Part I

    Ok. So, What is gaming?

    For me, it’s League of Legends (lemme tell you about the variables-analysis system :if you specify by categories, like RTSs such as World of Warcraft, DOTA, that’s one level, if you add the degree of difficulty, that’s another level, if you add the number of players, that’s another level)

    Making quitting games becomes analyzing theory, make analyzing theory become a game!

    The good thing is, people from Game quitters don’t judge you.


    Let me tell you, the first thing is there are many many factors out there, throughout the analysis. Time is the common “denominator” (it has the most links to other variables)

    We use measuring (or scaling, if you prefer), to quantity degrees of matter. This might sound vague. What is “matter” in this case? Well matter refers to severable variables, such as, information. Complexity is when pieces of information (or variables) have many connections between them, making it a particular situation to analyze, therefore a problem is created. Clear so far?

    Simple examples to illustrate low level of difficulty problems. These, the following, are all assumptions, I made them quickly.

    Example 1:  Surprise, which is an emotion, is triggered by unpredictability.

    Example 2: Certainty, which is the state of being sure,

    Example 2: Obviousness, (from obvious), or the fact of something being very clear, can be used as an ironic statement in conversations.

    [*Note: All here, what I have mentioned so far, is about psychology. I just noticed all what I write are my observations. I’m using the induction-deduction process, by the way.]

    The fact of accumulating over time is an important asset. The longer we persevere, the more we have accumulated. Think of League of Legends as you buy items; you get stronger and stronger over time; as you level up.

    Furthermore, whether or not to make decisions, at the right timing, (just like League of Legends) is important. Gamewise, for example, it would be timing. Because in League of Legends, it’s all about timing, whereas studying you can think about the same problem for hours and so on.

    Another interesting fact that is possible (a trick, or a detail, if you prefer), is that you can manipulate your thoughts (just look at this example, the way you write (on computer) can give us a hint, but doesn’t mean you intended to do so).

    Self-doubt is another feeling we have. (Is it an emotion?). It is a very interesting subject to analyze, as we will do further on.

    You see, I have so much stuff going on in my mind lol, that’s why creativity is my asset. Writing things down is good for me, but if depends on another factor: time; there ore it depends on the time of the day. Sounds clear enough? A gaming feature that writing have: for example, leveling up, e.g. In leagues, can be translated into every 100 word milestone (I just thought of that as I’m writing this).

    Now, there is another very interesting variable: emotions. What it can be compared too? How it can be triggered?

    Instead of categorizing from the usual aspect way (psychological, social, etc…), here is another method. Gaming provides unbelievable euphoria. And at night, you reimagine the game, League of legends like if it was a movie (the images are crystal clear) Like for the sake of champion you are willing to sacrifice (that can be represented by a mathematical equation) the next Entire day. WTF?

    *Note: Ever wondered that raw instinct you have (comes from your soul) after you playing massively gaming? Like you want to devour enormous quantities of food? Especially when you feel tired? It is a usual feeling, after playing games.

    Now, for the last parts of today, How to deal with study?? It is boring, and NOT stimulating! That is the main source of problem. But it gives RETURN (economics term) in exchange; thus it pays valuable assets in the future.

    Moreover, another key concept is Activity. Activity equals productivity, which be translated into output. In economics, output equals GDP, which reflects a country’s wealth (especially in the mercantilist era). The ratio, of [whenever you are active doing something worthy of your time] vs [the times you play games or waste your damn time doing nothing] should be considered. Simplified it gives, the output/idleness ratio.

    Regularity (or consistency) is key for stability, someone who has high peaks of activity and relapses should have. If, according to a statistic model, we can predict whenever we will be active, then guess, what, not only you won’t play games anymore, but you will succeed in life AF!                                     
    So, in summary, after all that talking,

    How to fix a proper schedule? Which methods should I use?

    How to deal with fitness? I hate going to the gym, but I should eat better. Vegetables, fruits, high in fiber. Less eating at night, etc. What types of exercise should I do? Running outside or doing stuff at home?

    How to study better? How to not get bored by studying? How to not procrastinate (get things done)? How to study effectively and to be productive?

    What mentality should I have as a GameQuitter? How to eliminate irrational, self-doubt, fear, and especially fear of failure?


    How to avoid an “Nth” relapse?

    After all that logic analysis, I know you are probably overwhelmed with information right now, but the thing is I wanted to share my thoughts with you as I would like some feedback. Also, I wanted to say the maximum of ideas within the short text possible.

    If all that interests you, I have made a blog:

    Hope seeing you guys tmr! (I’ll try my best to be active. If not, either (if preferred) send me a pm to remind me if I forgot to reply within 3 days.

    [Total words: 1700+]


    -TheLight OI

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  3. TheLightOI added a topic in Celebrate   

    HAPPY AF, thanks to GQ!
    I am now long time back from my eternal wandering in the obscure paths of Gilienor. 
    I still play chess, but gaming doesn't affect my life anymore.
    NEW BLOG POSTS : you can check it right now

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  4. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    Immediate recovery. I instantly recovered from this craaazy relapse. Thanks to the GQ community.
    Now I don't go that often on discord, which offers immediate contact with fellow (ex) gamers. I even met some mates that wanted to learn my language!
    Back to the facts. 
    3.0+ hours of studying.
    1.5 hour of music
    Time spent on Social media.. worth
    Sleep recovery... Totally legit
    I use a website called course hero (if anybody knows), which is paying, but it let you get access to study material. I have already downloaded 20+ midterms and finals samples from that website. That 'll be food for thought.
    Nevertheless, TheLight is still strong in this journey to conquer the Void. The Bright Side shall overtake Darkness!
    I'll try to find something to post everyday single day and I realize how close I am to the 90 day detox. Perhaps I will succeed, perhaps I will not. But let us have in mind unlimited Optimism!
    The Dark Soul is slowly disappearing..
    Ahem.. time for the real stuff
    I actually found a lot of pretty girls down the streets near my school. Not depending on their out fit.. lol
    Gaming is a useless piece of crap...
    Indeed, a lot of things superior to that.
    For instance.
    -800 million people are obese. Yep. That's a fact.
    -There might be a chance that the Earth's population reaches 30 billion by the end of the century.
    -Water may disappear one day?
    -Fuck MLMs. And crazy shit like that. They take you money and go away. Have you ever been robbed?
    -Bru, we are in 2016, but in reality that's not the case (I won't specify why)
    That what you get when you listen to class.
    I just listed a bunch a things there, without any precise order.
    Goal (wish list):
    Write a book. 
    Spend more time on music and even MORE on studies.
    Talk to girls. 
    .... to be continued
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  5. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    So yeah. Let's face it.  Let's be honest. Can't let this [thing] control me any more! Free !! FREE!! (I always write like that..)
    Nutrition: 4/10
    Physical Activity: 4.2/10
    Music: ---
    What the fuck?
    I haven't progress a bit!
    The REAL reason 
    I kind of feel ashamed of telling everything here on the forum. People here are improving everyday now and I don't want to spill my negativity over the community.
    Today I talked to fellow ex-gamers on discord. What a nice pleasant chat.
    Midterms are extremely near, so what the @$% should I do?
    It's a terrible vicious cycle. I talked to Cam recently and I think the best solution is to right the journal every day. Remember, it is like a mirror, a reflection of one's thoughts.
    So what I am going to do? Right now, my mind is a mess.Thank god this is not the end of the term. I have been on a high negative cash flow these days (I don't earn income).
    Lack of sleep makes me drowsy. Yesterday I slept at because I spent some considerable amount of time finding free RP for LOL and ending paying 10 bucks. Man, that's so stupid...
    I don't know how to manage my time, organize my schedule, and the biggest problem of all, PROCRASTINATION! That's right.
    I recently got a driver's licence knowledge test which I should have been preparing for months. Until the very last minute... I changed the time of the appointment...
    What is the root of all evil? Computer, games or that devil that strives in our mind and seek to guide us to fate? O, pathetic creature! Why you enslave us to Doom!
    Anyways, I think I got to spend some times with girls out there.
    Whenever I think about LOL, I fail to survive.
    Whenever there is access to a computer WHICH I can Download LOL, I fail to survive.
    To the point that I almost missed a CLASS!
    I think the reason I fail to quit games, is because I don't commit, or because I don't take it seriously, for example that I don't invest myself enough in GQ.
    I want to avoid arguments with my parents. They are there to help be quit games, but there are arguments..
    Now, I want to upload a detailed list of all my objectives.
    It is because the number of times I tried to quit, the number of relapses I had so far that made me likely to fail again.
    1. Create a task organizer, a time management scheduler and UPDATE REGULARLY.
    2. Create a to-do list using Eisenhower's method and CROSS OFF STUFF REGULARLY.
    .... To be continued
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  6. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    Hellooooooooo world!
    I must come back to reality, for it will transform in a total night mare.
    Things have happened at a such quick pace.
    I had several relapses between that period.
    I learned quite a lot of stuff, getting advice from a counselor.
    I noticed 
    I progressed in vain, my results were useless,,,
    RED ALERT!! 
    I haven't gone to gym for centuries!
    But the good thing is, at least I am back to my natural state.
    I'm seeking the Great Lord's help!
    Truely yours,
    TheLight OI
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  7. TheLightOI added a post in a topic Starting new account, it's called 'my life'   

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  8. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    Commander! We got platoons to train!
    Yes. Soldiers, back to your work!
    So here am I today, it is currently 11:29pm ET
    TheLight OI did great things, he did not lose a penny of time flow. There fore he
    Only time wasted: waiting for some1 to come.
    The more he achieved greatness. The more he was closer to the holy Spirit.
    So basically here's what I did today.
    -55+ min of intense Chinese Study Tools Researching (CSTR)
    -No gym
    -2h Driving Lesson
    48+ min of essay writing (I plan to write a book) 
    -2h Business Conference
    -No P**
    By creating music, you create a world of fantasy.
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  9. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    As I strive with stamina across the spiked jungle, I overcame my fears!!!
    Thank you, GameQuitters!
    To celebrate this I have uploaded one my compositions.
    Now to business.
    Name: 徳来特
    Age: 21
    Reason to quit game: I want to show Leagues who's the boss!
    Chances of success:67-89%
    Tell me one good reason why you join GameQuitters: I need support.
    Will you succeed? Yes.
    I repeat: will you succeed? YES
    WILL YOU SUCCEED????????? 
    I SAY: 

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  10. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Journey Within   

    This sentence directs my thinking to the following statement. Games are fun, it's true. But to be a slave for having fun......
    It is not truely a pleasure if your "master" consistently oblige you to "work"
    Life is not a game. Game is part of life. However, certains elements of life can be addictive. (Many examples are art, music, and books) 
    Shall we consider gaming as a passion? 
    Heavens, no! 
    Gaming is a S0ul stealer, a energy thief, an destructive Devil....
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  11. TheLightOI added a post in a topic How I effectively use a planning   

    Quite creative!
    Remind me of some Android apps.
    Keep on! 
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  12. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    It sure is dangerous. No doubt. But saying it could affect your future relationship...
    Yep. Anything that's stimulates us are mostly depreciative influences.
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  13. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    Good evening.
    As it is a Dark Day of Augustus 20XX, I am currently writing this.
    There is called the cognitive biasis which lead us consistently into the deep well of gaming....
    The great knight said: There must a be a way to channel Positive Energy!
    We must no rely on ourselves, he said. We must admit our mistakes, leading us to victory!
    One must master himself to attain discipline. Then he can go to the next level.
    Our minds are often controled by desires, or needs. Hunger is a desire greater than water, however drinking is more essential than eating.
    We must be strong to than the temptations's power, for we shall lighten our way to-morrow.
    May our S0uls leave in Peace! We must me clever and ingenious in our way of thinking, the perfect strategy to win battles.
    No fear of failure, no moment of regret!
    Believe in the mighty God of Wisdom, and we shall succeed!

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  14. TheLightOI added a post in a topic The Odyssey of TheLight OI's Journey across the [Void]: how he managed to survive it   

    I start to see a pattern...
    If I consistently write my daily journal, there fore I will gain results. It's a routine, a chore, a task that you HAVE to do everyday
    Unfortunately I had my relapse (not my first one) on LOL when I started playing 四国军棋 (strategy game like stratego)
    My first fail since two weeks.
    Anyways I'm making searches on habit tracker and stuff. Life style RPG (NOT a game) to improve productivity.
    I'm currently searching ways to make some cash. If anyone have suggestions, please comment.
    All that happened when somebody suggested me a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad.
    And I'm thinking (never gamble, never smoke weed) of investing in stocks to make profit.
    Other ideas i'm having is tech biz. I have over 200+ ideas.  Like i said before, music and tech  is my life + i'm studying in Econ
    My desire to be famous is also diminished.
    About my state of mind: i noticed how my mood changes (i get more irritable), my concentration fells, as well as my mental skills after only 3-4h of gaming! remembers, GAMING IS LIKE A PRETTY GIRL 
    I need stay active. And life is all about balance. The key to success.
    When you are motivated, you forget about those dirty games.
    And by the time I writing this, I know hanging out with friends IS a waste of time when you are in university or when you want to develop a business in the summer instead of working for min wage. I have enough friends for now.
    Is it normal to have a lot of sexual thoughts? I mean.....
    And also, I need to have a schedule. especially for sleep
    Your capacity to resist it's like an wall of life. Everyday, it melts a little bit. The thin ice will break depending on your thoughts and mood. That's why keeping a journal is the perfect way to track your daily dangers and traps.
    I multi task a lot. Is it good?
    And what a wonderful community is GQ!
    Negative energy
     Eating junk food
    Watching P**
    Playing videogames
    Bad health/$
    Positive egergy
    Discovering new stuff (website, apps, knowledge)
    Creates excitements and new avenues
    Purifies the S0ul
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