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  1. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Healing Journal Day 46
    Hey all, I know it s been a while since I last posted but I hope you're all well! I am in fact still on my detox. Sorry for not updating this in a while, I have just been extremely busy getting my life together. I would love to talk about the last two weeks, hell i would like to talk all about today. But I want to keep it short since I still have a ton of work
    So i'm officially on top of everything in terms of my work and studying (doesn't make my days any less hectic) and I've made so many friends since last log.
    Today I begin to study for my midterms which begin in two weeks! I have a ton of assignments due over the weekend and hope to get started on those asap.
    Today was my dance club's first public dance, and I was suppose to take my girlfriend so we could dance. Unfortunatly I had to cancel on her because I had a HUGE assignment due at the end of today and was exausted by the time I was going to pick her up. I felt horrible about turning her down like that, but she understood which made it easier for me.
    To conclude, these last few weeks have been nothing but work, and hopefully I can deal with that as it comes. I hope to start posting again as i have really missed you guys and just writing in here in general. Thanks for reading, and that concludes Day 46 of my healing journal.
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    You can close the forum now!
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  3. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Healing Journal Day 31:
    So it's officially been over a month of no gaming! That means I am 1/3 through my detox! This experience has been fantastic so far, and I hope for it to only improve as time progresses.
    So these last few days have been unsurprisingly stressful, and full of work. However, I am happy to establish an IMPROVED sleeping schedule (still needs work, though.). I also began writing in a mini journal of things that I learned that day. For example, yesterday I learned that I should leave a note next to any notes I was unable to finish. By the way, I want to go on a mini-rant: I love my professors but holy they go through their notes WAY TOO FAST. I am lucky to even understand half of what we're going over in all of my classes. Okay, rant over. I'm happy that I have been on top of my assignments and my plan for tonite is to work some more on my assignments that are due on Monday, and I do not have anything tomorrow so I'm not required to sleep too late (but I may anyway nonetheless).
    I had a lab today, and while I was warned about how difficult it was going to be and prepared as much as I could, I still feel as though I did not do well. Many people did not even finish! While I didn't do that bad, you can tell how you perform on an assignment. My goal is to prepare more for next week's class and manage my time more efficiently. It didn't help that the lab I had was for my most difficult class.
    I actually just got home, and will now get to the good stuff about today.
    For starters, I made a lot of new friends today and connected more with the ones I met earlier. So far I feel the most beneficial factor about the university is that with having a good group of friends, you are able to get more support.
    Today was also the day of my university's engineering carnival, and I met a few people and signed up for quite a few clubs. The truth is, I do not even know how many of these clubs are ones I am able to commit to since my time is scarce.
    Now on to my favorite: My first swing dance lesson. I won't sugar coat it, I danced like complete shit, and man I was awkward with some of the girls, but man I had a TON OF FUN. I met and danced with so many people, and I saw my year two friend there who was volunteering for the first class convinced me to go and I didn't regret it. I signed up for a beginners class that happens every tuesday, and I'm really excited for my next lesson. By the way, if anyone has advice on how to sweat less during dancing (especially palms) please be sure to let me know, thanks!
    And for the final thing that happened today was I decided to pick up the hobby of teaching myself of how to play the piano. We have a small electronic piano that is basically the same as an actual one, and I hope to get good with it soon. I've always found the Piano as one of the most beautiful music and have always wanted to play it forever but never did because I dedicated my free time to video games. I just hope I have enough time to learn the instrument now that I have my studies.
    To conclude, a lot is happening, at once, and I'm just trying to adapt as much as possible, and hope to get through everything in one piece. Thanks for reading, and that concludes day 31 of my healing journal.
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  4. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic The Journey Within   

    Glad you looked into these two things today. Out of the two which of these do you struggle with more? For me, it's confidence. You're like me in that if you want to learn more about something, you will research a ton about it. Keep it up man!
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  5. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Healing Journal Day 28:
    I'll start with my weekend. I did nothing except work on all of my outstanding assignments, assign dates on my planner (events, exams, etc). I felt as though this weekend was very productive, which was good. 
    Today was pretty standard. My first chemistry lab was today, and I will discuss it more below. I ended up getting home at around 6:00 Pm and took a nap as soon as I got home. I work up two hours later and am currently working on two assignments that are both due on Wednesday.
    I had four issues with my day today, and I if you have any advice, I would really appreciate it.
    1. My physics lecture: I noticed that today was very confusing in terms of the notes, and what we learned today. I hope to be able to go over it soon, but I'm having a difficult time managing time as everything is happening all at once.
    I did create a daily work and study schedule, which should help for issues like today, I just want people to see if this is okay/good enough.
    Work Portion
    Assignments/Actual homework: 2.0 Hours
    Labs: 1.5 Hours
    Practice questions: 1.0 Hours
    Polish class notes- 0.5 hours
    Review/Study Portion
    Studying for exams/ reading textbooks 3.0Hours
    Going over Past and Future notes 1.0 Hours
    Going through tough concepts/questions 0.5 Hours
    I originally thought this would be too much since the times accumulate to 9 hours total, but It may be the smallest I can make it in order to do well enough.
    2. My chemistry Lab: This one is going to take a bit
    - So for starters, I found out I had to write a pre-lab that would be due before the start of the lab. Lucky for me, I was able to complete it before my lab, but it really did feel like dodging a bullet as, without that knowledge, I would have gotten a 0 on that assessment.
    - I forgot to read up on the Lab beforehand so I moved at a slower pace than many of my classmates but we did work in partners, so like my pre-lab, I got lucky.
    This lab has made me lose confidence in my capability and ability to be a reliable lab partner, and just a study partner in general. While yes, I do believe my partner and I did an equal amount of work (for the most part), I did feel like I could have done better.
    The biggest (and in some ways saddest) thing that happened was I saw a bunch of people In my lab all talking, and making friends with eachother, and all around having fun with each other. While I was friends with one of the individuals, as well as became friends with another person, I wasn't really a part of the conversation, and as a result, I never felt more alone. This may seem petty, but it really did take a toll on my mood. 
    With the discussion of sociality, this brings me to my next issue with today.
    3. My ability to communicate, and make friends: I noticed that while it's easy for me to be like "Hi, my name's Moe, it's a pleasure to meet you, how do you find classes, etc." I notice it's difficult for me to really connect with people. I'm not sure if this may have to do with the fact that gaming was a good piece for conversation, but all I know is that its hard for me to have discussions that surpass introductions, and university. This is made apparent by my lack of an ability to be fully engaged in conversation with my group of friends that I eat lunch with, and while I do make comments here, and there (although I cringe every time I do), I feel like its making me come off as antisocial. I did feel hope when I had a pretty genuine conversation with a girl in my group of friends, and in my classes, and I really did feel like I was welcome by them as a result. But It also leads me to my fourth, and final issue/fear.
    4. My reliability as a student, and a friend: So far, I've been asking for a lot of help from my friends, and while yes that really is what friends are for, and while I do definitely return the favour when I am asked for advice, I feel as though I'm not exactly the "smart guy" anymore like what I once was in high school. This made me feel worse by the fact I was once incorrect in one of my pieces of advice to one of my friends, and while I did correct myself, it made me almost feel as if they were saying "Oh, maybe I shouldn't ask him" to themselves.

    I know that most of these are personal fears, but I will try my hardest to fix these issues for the future so that I may improve for the better. To conclude, while today wasn't particularly a bad day, it raised many issues for myself that make me very concerned, and sad. Any advice regarding these would be really appreciated. Thanks for reading, and that concludes day 28 of my healing journal.
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  6. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Thank you for your kind, and strong words . I know all work and no play can cause insanity, and going hard on myself is just how I behave, but that doesn't make any of what you say less right. I especially was moved by the comment about "allowing to adapt" I never considered that, and it really is making me think. Btw, You could write a book and I would still read through it so don't worry about how long you comment. I'm all for insight, and perspective, especially if its people dealing with the same scenarios. I feel these comments inspire me to continue my detox. Thanks again!
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  7. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Healing Journal Day 24:
    If I could describe today in four words it would be "disappointingly not as planned". I had a lot of goals, and aspirations today, but was hit with many shortcomings, some uncontrollable, most however, were. I'm used to the fact that i'm only human and can only do so much today but if today taught me anything it's that I know I am capable of accomplishing more, yet I've selfishly chosen to do the opposite.
    Before I get started, what do I mean by 'accomplishment'? An example of accomplishment (for me at least) is posting on this forum. So essentially if I have a primary set of goals, and I wish to achieve them in a way that will benefit me in the long term, I ask "what can I accomplish today". Going back to the forum example, I know that If I continue to regularly post on game quitters, I will be less tempted to relapse from my 90 day detox. I honestly did not even want to post today because of how ashamed I was, but I thought "Well, if I can accomplish at least one thing a day(being this post), at least it wasn't a day wasted." And while the amount of time, and what you do with that time that is considered 'wasted' is merely subjective, I draw the line in where I objectively look at goals I want to get done, and my success in a day is based on those goals. So to conclude this sandwich of discussion, I did not accomplish much to my objective perspective's liking.  Jim Rohn says, "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment." so perhaps that's what I'm missing- discipline. I'll look more into how I can discipline myself effectively this weekend.  
    While I did not nap today, and intend on sleeping very soon, I wanted to finish a few assignments that are due next week. Primarily an assignment in a course that I so far consider to be the most difficult. A disadvantage to purchasing textbooks online, is while cheaper and holding most concepts the same as newer iterations, teachers like to use the requested new textbooks as a form of assignments, so as a result I reluctantly had to postpone working on it until tomorrow so that I may purchase the correct edition to complete my work. While it's annoying, I understand why this is the way it works.
    I also was planning to work out today and I did recover enough to feel capable. However I just caved and went home instead. What makes it worse is that my friends were sort of waiting for me at the gym too. I can only imagine what would happen if they ask where I was tomorrow. Do I lie? Do I make an excuse? The last thing I need is for them to believe I'm a lazy individual and as a result won't rely on me for their support in class, and everything else. This may sound like crazy talk, but this kind of stuff hits me on a day to day basis. It has also caused me to notice I haven't been my true self so far this year, yet who am I really? Was 'myself' the gamer I left almost a month ago, leaving me empty? I'm not sure. Or maybe it's just showing another side of me I never knew I had, or even know If I want.
    I surprise visited my girlfriend at her high school where she was directing a play for her school. That's actually how we met, through both of our passion of acting and drama. I unfortunately had to put down this love currently in order to focus on my studies. She was happy to see me, and missed me, but I knew that I should have been working. I instead spent over an hour with her when I should have been at home studying and reviewing. This conclusion makes me sad, as I care to death for her, but I cannot help but feel this interaction to her was a sort of give in to my temptations of no productivity. It makes me more sad because it has even made me consider leaving her in order to focus on my studies, but perhaps time will tell, the last thing I want to do is make a rash decision in a heated time of my life. She knows about my journal, and my progress here and has been nothing but supportive. She may even be my last link to sanity, or more importantly, my true self.
    I was able to finish reviewing my grade 12 notes which was a goal of mine, however this accomplishment is short lived when considering I made it a goal to have done that over the weekend. Am i saying I could have done it over that weekend, I do not know, as I got a proud amount done in that time, but it's disappointing to think I had prolonged it to over 3 days later.
    I realize this has become a ramble of all of my shortcomings, so allow me to brighten the mood a little. While today seems like a painful representation of where I am now, it only lets me think of what can I do for the future.
    I'm currently on the right track when it comes to things, like my schedule, and my work ethic. I genuinely believe I am learning more, and more everyday both in myself, and my outside environment. Writing on this journal not only helps me put things into perspective, but can receive support from other aspiring individuals like myself. I accomplish, and write down more and more goals for myself, and I feel this has made me stronger in every way. I know I'm on the right track, and If I want success in aspects such as University, my health, and my Social life, I will achieve them, the primary factor being I have to want them. I believe that if a person truly wants something, they will not waste a breath in achieving whatever it is to aspire. With that being said, I know I'm not perfect, and today is a reminder of that (that that I needed it...).
    So will I bitch, and complain on a forum because one day in my life sucked? Absolutely not. I will evaluate what I can do to improve, and in that sense, today was a good day.
    So in conclusion, today was a disappointment for me objectively, but I will always use days like this to my advantage, successful, or not. And I know I will not always be successful, but if this journal has taught me anything, it's that it is not a bad thing. We all desire success, but we cannot help but have off days. So yes, today was an off day, but it was a day that will set pavement for more successful days to come. I thank you dearly if you have read to the end (it may not seem like much, but knowing people read this helps me stay consistent), and that concludes day 24 of my healing journal.
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  8. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    You are definitely right regarding diet. As of now, my diet is in a good place, or at the very least good enough to where I definitely won't be gaining weight. Would you recommend any diet apps? Thanks!
    Haha, I know how much you love dancing so this may have been pleasing to hear. Would you recommend I go into the first session blind, or should I watch a video or two so I don't make a fool out of myself :P? 
    Healing Journal Day 23:
    I got a nice new backpack today, that holds everything more efficiently including my computer which is a relief, because I was starting to have shoulder pain holding everything the way I was. I also rented a locker in my building, but somebody put their lock in my assigned locker, which was funny but I gotta wait two days before that gets sorted. My goal regarding materials is to be as compact as possible, but have everything I need. 
    I worked out at the gym today, and while I had a great time as I worked out with my new friends from my classes, I was in a lot of pain afterwards. It didn't help that I got only two hours of sleep the night before.
    My lectures were pretty straight forward but I did almost fall asleep in my psychology class, but that's okay because our professor just went over topics I already read on in my textbook. I'm suprised how early in the day I finish. Granted I begin at 8:00AM, but i'm finished by around noon (excluding lab days).  I still plan on staying at the university for a few more hours every day once I have a consistent workout plan, and assort time for studying.
    I was dead by the time I arrived at my house, and napped for a few hours because of that. I'm now debating whether I should do some work, or go back to sleep to fix my sleep schedule, which is in a pretty bad place now. While nothing urgent is due tomorrow, I like the idea of me putting in the work and being ahead of the curve as a result. I beleive that people who want success are willing to go the extra mile, to persevere above all odds and come on top. It's an inner conflict to say the least, and any advice would be appreciated. 
    I have had a daily schedule that I am suppose to follow which gives me a good outline on when to work, and when to relax, but everything is backwards because of my horrible sleep schedule.
    To conclude, I believe I'm on the right track, but If I'm unable to fix things as significant as my sleep, it won't even matter. So here's hoping I can be on top of that. Thanks for reading, and that concludes day 23 of my healing journal.
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  9. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic The Journey Within   

    Want to start off by saying, it was really strong of you to admit this! With that being said however, don't be embarrassed. Most people (typically ex gamers like you and I) are used to being isolated in their own thoughts. The big thing I invite you to try, is every time you look yourself in the mirror every day, take a deep breath, and try to compliment 5 different things about yourself, be it looks, talent, or personality. I'm guilty of low self esteem so this really does help. And I think being emotionally open with your close friends is a great first step. We all achieve different things in a day, and feeling good about it can inspire us to accomplish more, where as negativity promotes the contrary.  Final thing, cut yourself some slack. I guarantee that every day more good has happened than bad. Sure, we all have off days, we're not perfect, but if we all treated ourselves like shit for it, we wouldn't be able to function. Hope this helps! Have a good one.
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  10. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Healing Journal day 22:
    I'm on day three of university, and I'm already being worked to the bone in the courses I'm in. I'm writing this as a form of a break actually, as I have an assignment, a lab, and a bunch of chapters in my textbooks that I have to read over. I was also planning on going over my last year's notes just to remind myself of what I already know.
    I met a few more people today, and I started a study group that has around 9 people in it so far, however I wasn't myself today. Normally I am very open, and am very social to everyone, but today I was closed, and couldn't even speak without stuttering. Very strange, but I guess a few factors contribute to this behavior. For one thing, I'm still really nervous about the campus, as well as the workload. I'm also kind of confused as to why some people I talked with seem more closed around me. Granted we were in class, and we only saw eachother for an hour, but I remember talking to them for hours last week. Guess I'm making it unnecessarily personal.
    I didn't get too much sleep last night (and it looks like I won't be getting a lot tonight either all things considered), so while I did a ton of walking, as well as walked from my lrt station to my house which is a solid 40 minutes, including holding a bunch of heavy materials, I however never was able to workout at the gym today. I'm at a wierd place with my health, and weight. I'm stuck between trying to build more muscle or trying to burn more fat through cardio. I'm fairly muscular, at least more than most, as I worked out a ton in the last two years, and while I'm not overweight or fat by any means, I made it a goal of mine to return back to my "prime" body. I did join a swing dance club, which starts next week, so i'm hoping if I like that, it will keep me in shape.
    While it may seem easy to just ditch my health, in favor of dedicating more time to work and study, I  believe my health is extremely important, since I was overweight as a teen.
    I have surpassed three weeks of no gaming, which is awesome. I still regretfully watch gaming videos, I feel most temptations have left my mind, with the exclusion of today because it would have been so easy to ignore all my work and just play some video games, but I know i'm better than that.
    My goals for this week are to stay on top of my assignments, meet more people, recruit more people in the study group, and look into more clubs I want to join. To conclude, today was more or less good, I hope that this antisocial behavior is only temporary, and that I can go to the gym tomorrow, as well as start reading my textbooks. It's a long hustle, but it will definitely keep me real busy. Thanks for reading, and that concludes day 22 of my healing journal.
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  11. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Actually, I have a daily schedule, including a "prepare for bed" period where I meditate, prepare things for tomorrow, turn off everything, etc. The only problem is I've had trouble sleeping since I was young, and to this day it's still an issue. It was even worse when I would play video games until 5AM. Honestly, it's improving, but it still needs work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  12. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic The Journey Within   

    Love that work as a jealous lady analogy. As for your internet usage, have you considered using Stayfocusd? Its a chrome app that blocks certain websites (examples are youtube, and social media) after spending some time on them. I reccomend it if you browse the web more than you would like to admit, but considering your work acheived that may not be the case. The truth is no matter how productive and successful we as humans are, there's always a part of us that wishes to embrace lazyness. As for your relationship life, have you considered taking this "certain single lady" out for lunch, or spending more time with her? I know that's a lot to ask for since your time in a day is very limeted but, if you see her (is she in your dance sessions?) try to speak to her more. I know the timing may not be right, but also take into consideration, what is a good time to begin with. Hope that helps, I'm no ladies man, I just know how to communicate with people. Honestly though, it would appear you are superior in giving advice :). Best of luck for the next day.
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  13. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    I seem to be meeting more and more people every day. Right now I guess I'm just thinking about who I spend my time with as I believe that you are the average of the group of friends you spend time with, I just want to make sure that means I'm still successful. As for your other advice, I will consider it all and then some. Thank you very much you really have helped.
    Thank you very much for giving me insight on all the things I listed!
    - I will take note that essentails are key, and I don't have to copy word for word. I'm actually debating on whether I should take a laptop to class, as I do type faster on the comp, but like you said, I may not really learn everything.
    - I bought some notebooks and am considering them over binders. I also am able to get a locker for the year for $30 so I'm also considering that for space. And yeah I don't have to pay a thing at the rec. I just show them the card, and I'm good.
    - I was actually able to get a few good deals today based on your sites. I also have a friend whos giving me his old textbooks from last year. I'll go into more detail about my textbook situation in the actual journal.
    - You are absolutely right in that they are available in certain times, I have their emails too. As for the seats, I actually learned today that I prefer the middle rows over the front (mostly preference, and the fact that I don't have to look directly up at the board.
    These all really helped. I have nothing but appreciation for taking the time to give me advice. So thank you @Pierce , and @WorkInProgress for this really does help me with my stuff.
    Healing Journal Day 18:
    So I had my second day of university today, and man it was great, but I did a lot of work today. 
    For starters, I have to get up every day at 6:30AM to get to my 8:00AM classes. It's a big task, but I definitely prefer it over taking night classes. My predictions yesterday were spot on, in that we only went over the remaining classes' syllabus, with the exception of a bit of note taking, and an assignment I must do online over the weekend. 
    I spent lunch with some of my new friends, and met other people in the process. Being with these people in my class really made me appreciate knowing them, and reminding myself i'm not alone in this journey.
    The big thing I did today was purchase all of my textbooks. I only got the lab manuals, and my psychology textbook from the university's stores, as the rest were extremely expensive. I was able to find a few books that I needed for much cheaper, and my year two friend said he could get me the rest for cheaper. So in the end I saved over 600 dollars which is great, especially now that I no longer have to worry about getting my textbooks. 
    I then spent the evening with my girlfriend where I did some shopping for supplies, such as a new calculator, and then dinner.
    To conclude, today was really nice, and I would write more, but I'm really exhausted, and my plan tomorrow is to work on the goals I set for my self on this detox. Thanks for reading, and that concludes day 18 of my healing journal.
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  14. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    @Pierce Thanks for your kind words! As for the books, I am looking into cheaper methods into attaining them, as they really do add up. I am currently looking through amazon, and even have a few friends who completed their first year giving me their old books for cheaper. Thanks for those sites, I will definitely check them out.
    Healing Journal Day 17:
    So I had my first day at university, and it was something else (in a good way). I was definitely right about the fact that beginning classes would take my mind off of gaming, as based on what I was told today by peers and professors, I am going to be putting a ton of effort into this year, however I do hope I am able to accomplish the goals I set for myself prior to starting classes.
    Today only really consisted of me hearing the Syllabus for some of my classes in terms of learning and I know that tomorrow will most likely be the same jazz. But I feel as I really got more out of today from communicating with my new friends and hope to do more in the future. I was able to finish today earlier at around 3:00PM, as opposed to what normally would be me finishing at about 5:00PM since I was suppose to have a lab today, but our professor (I have to get used to calling them that as opposed to teacher) informed us that labs will begin next week.
    After my classes, I had some extra time to check out the physical activity center where they had an amazing work out room that I hope to be going to every day after class. I was able to do a small workout as my primary intention was just to see the gym and get a bit familiar with all the different machines, and weights.
    There was a few booths filled with different clubs that people were signing up for, including a dance club, a big brothers club, and even a few engineering club. They were all really fascinating, but my plan is to check them out in detail next week.
    Despite all the positives, some things happened today that I hope I can sort out right away. For starters, I realize the way I take notes may be an issue. I'm a binder person, and I normally take notes by writing on paper. However a few personal, and objective problems arrive in doing this:
    - Today I noticed that my capability of copying down the notes in time to keep up with the professor is near impossible (in other words, i have trouble writing all the prof's notes in time before they change the page)
    - My binders are really heavy on my bag, as I need to take 3/4 per day. This is also difficult as it results in me lacking space in my bag for other things (lunch, workout bag, textbooks, etc)
    - How I can get my textbooks cheap, but fast.
    - My ability to communicate with my professors will be difficult, as each class has 300 students on average. and all of them, like me, try to speak with them and camp out the classrooms for a long time to ensure a good seat at the front.
    There's more, but you get the idea. Honestly, I know this is over reacting as it's still the first day, but these problems are really taking a toll on my confidence. There's also the issue that despite my ability to have made a few friends yesterday, and today, I still feel pretty alone. This may be due to the high population though.
    Lucky for me, tomorrow will be the same as today, in that it's just going through the syllabus for more classrooms, which gives me a weekend to sort everything out in my head. I'm hoping with the addition of exercise in my daily schedule, i'm able to remain calm, as I adapt to my new environment. 
    Any advice for university, and success in general is really appreciated by the way.
    To conclude, today was better than expected, but the feeling of preparing to spend hours of work has already taken affect. Thanks for reading, have a good night, and that concludes day 17 of my healing journal.
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  15. TheBroMoe added a post in a topic Healing Journal: Day one   

    Healing Journal Day 16:
    Hello all. So I just had my university orientation, and it was over 13 hours long! I want to talk all about it, but I'm really exhausted, and I need to get some sleep since I need to get up at about 6:00AM. But to describe it in one word: FANTASTIC. Thanks all, have a good day, and this will be Day 16 of my healing journal until tomorrow.
    So today was officially my first day of engineering at my university, but before I go into detail about that, I wanted to talk about the orientation a bit as it really did have an impact on me.
    I went to my orientation an hour early, and as a result I was able to meet a ton of really nice people in my department. I asked them a ton of questions, like what high school they went to, what disipline they were considering, what they enjoyed doing in their spare time and so on. As a result the day consisted of me making a few friends however I hope to make more. All the university students were put into 50 groups, and we were all guided around our campus, had a ton of presentations. The day even ended with a huge event at this stadium my university had where there was music, cheering, games, and dancing. The president of the university even gave a big speech at the very end which made me feel very welcome. To conclude, I went into yesterday really nervous, but after orientation, I have nothing but excitement in my heart. And that concludes day 16 of my healing journal.
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