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  1. Daniel added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    Hey Bob, I also have been thinking to switch journaling to the evening. Are you journaling from your phone? Have you considered journaling from a PC/Laptop?
    Isn't it interesting how much do we value our time while we aren't playing videogames? Looking and reparing every time leak we encounter.

    You are almost there Bob, keep going.
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  2. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Very similar to what happens to me. 
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  3. Daniel added a post in a topic Stop playing to start making   

    Cheers, Junior, I recommend that you start a journal as soon as possible.
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  4. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Day #13
    My sleep schedule has become super solid always sleeping from 10:00pm to 6:00am,

    Haven't really had urges to play any videogames. I rarely think about them unless I am writting about it in the forum. Won't use as an excuse to stop writting. I will keep checking the forum at least twice a day.
    Yesterday I included youtube in Stayfocusd filter. Too much time going in that site. How many times do I have to rewatch an old movie scene, before I realize the amount of time I am wasting?

    A teacher once told me "rememeber why are you here" I'm in this forum so I can stop playing videogames.
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  5. Daniel added a post in a topic Signature Tracker   

    How does the day tracker works? How do I set it up?
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  6. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Your perspective is very helpful Vlad, thanks. 
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  7. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   


    Your comment makes me something to think about. I do have a cousin that wants me to play Rick and Morty videogame. I keep declining. I doubt I would play it even if I wasn't on detox.

    When I was very young I was a very social gamer (I would game with real life friends) but as I grew older I became a lone gamer, MMORPG, Strategy Games, MOBAS. Always trying to achieve power by myself and only working together for greater benefit.

    Sometimes while watching streamers, I would think "man, I wish I had a group of gamer friends like them". I rather not be a slave of videogames. I do believe that some videogames can be valuable for their interesting plot and helping developing our imagination. Games like Zelda: Majora's Mask, I don't regret a single minute of gameplay. The thing is this videogame has a very low replay value and I played it when I was a child.

    Other games like MMORPG or MOBAS, I wish I never had known about them. MMORPG helped me develop a bond with real life friends when I was a teenager, developed my imagination a bit, but I would say definitly not worth it. MOBAS are pure chaos, they are like the pornography of videogames, the worst.

    A couple of years ago I read about a game that would make me feel like Zelda MM, it's called Child of Light. The thing is I'm not a child anymore and I actually thought it would be better if I get those kind of videogames as a gift for my young cousins or nieces. I just don't feel compelled for those videogame adventures, I rather fix and improve my life, stop daydreaming and actually achieve my goals.
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  8. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Day #12

    Imagine someone inviting you to play videogames, I would answer, "Sorry, I can't, I have been clean for the last two weeks".

    Today I beat my mind while jogging.

    Elon Musk said "No, I don't ever give up, I'd have to be dead or completely incapacitated."

    Will Smith said "They keys to life are running and reading"

    He said "When you're running, there's a little person that talks to you and says, "Oh I'm tired. My lung's about to pop. I'm so hurt. There's no way I can possibly continue." You want to quit. If you learn how to defeat that person when you're running. You will how to not quit when things get hard in your life."
    There was also a letter I can't completely recall "I'm losing my left flank, my center is weak, the moment is excellent for me to attack!"

    These where my thoughts during 15 minutes of a slow-paced jog. The last time I jogged for 15 min in a row is probably about 4 years ago.
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  9. Daniel added a post in a topic House music   

    I enjoy house and different electronic genres. Anyone on Spotify?
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  10. Daniel added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    The most consumed addictive poison in the world is...sugar!
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  11. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Day #11
    I have been waking up earlier since I stopped gaming, many successful men recommend this approach, "early to bed and early to rise, makes man rich healthy, wealthy and wise"
    I remembered when I sold my chessclock seems it was a bad move. I also remembered a time when I was about to buy an usb turntable and the guy even agreed to teach me how to use it. I let the oportunity slip bay, just like when I was a child and refused a keyboard due to my preference for videogames. I'm tired of looking back at the past with regret. From now on I want to look back and see how I seized opportunities, took chances, risks and living fearlessly and honestly.
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  12. Daniel added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Go, go, go! Keep it up!
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  13. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Day #10
    Tonight on my way home, I remembered the time I used to play videogames (which is not so long ago). It's no wonder I never could get anything done while gaming. One of the reasons smoking has been on my mind lately is because I read a book by Julio Cortázar, Hopscotch. I had no cigars since I ran out of smokes.
    I must admit I have been spending an alarming amount of time on Spotify. I really love making  listening to music and making my own playlists.
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  14. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    This cultural space is located at Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

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  15. Daniel added a post in a topic 90 Days Detox   

    Here are some pictures from yesterday at library.


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