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    What do you guys think about the "Results" from Runtastic?
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  2. bboeger added a post in a topic Hello, fellow Game Quitters!   

    It's awesome you're doing it at such a young age!
    Be relentless with that!
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    Hi all!
    How are you?
    I'm Bruno, a gamer since I was 10 years old. Games served me as a good escape to deal with abusive parents and alot of bullying in high school. I never stopped until yesterday, on my 31 years old (21 years playing game. The math is scary as hell when you count the hours).
    Why I'm quitting? Because I want to do more with my life. I want to build a business. I want to go out more and not be afraid to meet new people. I want to do charity work. I want to live to te fullest and not escaping through the computer screen.
    I deleted my steam account. Gave my Blizzard account to a friend. Sold my video game. I've been focusing on learning UX Design, Programming and doing a coach to start a business.
    This is my first day without video games - the closest I am playing is Duolingo, to learn German.
    I'm abnoxious as hell. Can´t sleep. Looks like that's the shit sandwitch I'll have to eat for a while. Hope it's worth the effort and gives the change I am hoping for.
    Cheers to all suffering the same struggle!
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