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  1. HeavensDrill added a post in a topic 20; im a male; Gender doesnt matter; No gaming/video entertaiment; 90 day detox   

    Thnx SundayMiharu, 
    But in the time i was waiting for for respons I found a other Accountability Partner. Im sorry about this. I hope you will not have a grudge against me now.
    But i thank you for all your effort.
    kind regard,
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  2. HeavensDrill added a post in a topic 20; im a male; Gender doesnt matter; No gaming/video entertaiment; 90 day detox   

    hello SundayMiharu, im thankful for your swift respons. Recommendations, tips and tricks are always welcome. 
    This is the second time I try to stop gaming. The first time I did it alone without any help. I could maintain this for one month, then one of my friends invited me to a game party. I do that a lot with my friends. But that one night dragged me back to my old habit of gaming. 
    about the diet part. Im not fat at al, but it is more a money related issue. At home I have enough food available to satisfy my needs. if i would only quit with eating those snacks I would already lose weight thanks to my high metabolism. 
    the sport part is not only to get me some condition but also for the social contacts. 
    Like I already explained, I've done this before. I always focus first on the biggest "bad habits" and those are gaming and watching any form of video entertainment. Most of the time I succeed for a 5 days and then the environment pulls me right back in. 
    I would like to have contact with you, but what do you mean with GMT+7? Are you asking if the timezone doesnt bother me? or do you what to have contact at 7AM greenwich time? I think its the first, but just to be sure. The timezone doesnt bother me. we can work around that.
    Again thank you for your message and I look forward to hearing form you soon.
    kind regards,
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  3. HeavensDrill added a topic in Found   

    20; im a male; Gender doesnt matter; No gaming/video entertaiment; 90 day detox
    im HeavensDrill and below if listen what I want to be cured off, what my goals are and why I pick these goals 
    not allowed:
    Games, any form of video entertainment(TV, series or youtube), buying and eating snacks and unnecessary food(chips, softdrinks or fries). for 90 days.
    1 - Gaming/watching videos in combination with school made me quite my sport. so i want to sport again en keep my body in shape.
    2 - i want to get good grades again.
    3 - I do not want to abandon my friends or family anymore.
    4 - getting my degree in chemestry
    5 - stop letting gaming controle my life
    the sport part is already explaned. My grades have realy sufferd thanks to my gaming habit and watching to many series and videos. So if I stop gaming and watch any form of video entertainment i can focus on the things i want to accomplis.
    Before all my time went to gaming and watching series I had other hobbies. But that all fell away when gaming became a bigger part of my life. school became more bussy with the year and less time being available I was forced to take some hours from my sleep. Welll, that sometimes where no sleeping at all. i even forgot birthdays of my friends or was unable to join them on trips or fun nights out cuz I didnt make the essay for tomorrow.
    so, I fucked my life good. Bu notting that cann't be repaired. Not yet at least.
    so wish me luck.
    means of contact:
    any way of contact is fine by me. I want at least to have contact once every week , so that we can rehab the week and see on what points we need to focus. But Im open for any surgestions. 
    kind regards, HeavensDrill(Ted)
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