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  1. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

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  2. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

    Thanks , EndOfAnEra . This is exactly what I meant in the post.
    As humans we are not flawless , but if you keep control on your life, it will be better than mindlessly wasting time on something that doesn't really matter.
    I'm not completely against gaming in general , we all need to have fun every now and then but I believe there are plenty of hobbies , sports and social activities you can have fun with along with better mindset and way more healthy and interactive lifestyle.
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  3. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

    thanks for the input
    About life achievements you are right , but don't you think if i focused my energy on a valuable cause , I would be better both socially and professionally.
    "What did I achieve" I meant the progress in life, in my job and also in social skills.
    and about family support
    my father was angry past 2 years cuz i spent most of the free time I have in gaming and he rarely supported me , now he is retired and is now without a job . 
    4 years ago he offered me to have my masters degree and was willing to support me,
    first thing came to my mind . How i'm gonna play Call of duty there . And I refused telling him stupid excuses.
    I hope you got the picture now and see how much time and opportunities  I wasted playing a non ending game 
    btw I'm in top 10 ranking of the world in Call of duty , what do I get? Nothing
    if i'm top of my class in dental school , I would have been rewarded with a scholarship .
    but you know , this is life.
    Thanks for your time.
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  4. GameAddict added a topic in Daily Journals   

    A special thanks

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  5. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

    hehe, if there is something in the world i can control it would be browsing internet for nothing . I learnd to optimize it the hard way long time ago. 
    But yeah , thanks for the heads up.
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  6. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

    Thanks for the kind words , actually you wrote this reply while I'm out in a mall with my family and I want to tell you that I've never had fun being out with my family like this time , I used to crave games alot and rush my way home to feed my addiction, sometimes I use mobile games to keep me busy throughout the whole night out , I'm actually feeling blessed that I have my family like never before. 
    So yeah, you are right , the main reason i decided to quit is my family , and I'm not gonna fail them again.
    thanks again bro.
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  7. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

    you are welcome, and yeah man it's non ending cycle , every year they release hundreds of games and you just keep playing for no reason just like digging the air forever.
    I hope my story helps others to see where rock bottom is.
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  8. GameAddict added a post in a topic It started 4 days ago   

    the pleasure is mine. We owe you big time. Keep it up
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  9. GameAddict added a post in a topic Relapsed after 22 days.   

    uninstalling doesn't help imop
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  10. GameAddict added a post in a topic Relapsed after 22 days.   

    I don't think uninstalling games help. I would rather leave them there and fight the urge to play, I feel stronger this way, besides when you have a 200mbps connection it's easy to reinstall again. 
    I ended up selling my gaming PC and invest the money for a better cause.
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  11. GameAddict added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    It started 4 days ago
    Hello there, I'm happy I made it here after 1 year of procrastination, we all start games in childhood i started gaming in 1995 , none of my friends had PC in their homes yet , PC meant games to me nothing but games.
    as i grow i managed to play and keep doing good at school I was and still am multitasking getting good grades and all. 
    Highschool ended and i got accepted in Faculty of engineering , this is when gaming really affected my studying , living away from my parents and alone it was an absolute freedom to do anything , I've always considered myself a hardcore gamer , i failed for the first time in my education life to an mmorpg game which i never play anymore 2 years wasted in playing worthless game  , I played it because people played it in that country , rivarly and challenge among friends makes you wanna play more.
    Did that even stop me?
    nope , I've never thought that there is such a thing called game addiction till Cam talked about it.
    My father gave me a chance to join other school which I liked more -the dental school- I took things seriously but still I didn't quit gaming i kept playing Call of Duty in my free time , didn't go to friends or anything just straight up to my pc , I remember playing the game on a 15 inch monitor with a low fps - this is addiction obviously- .
    I've Graduated as a dentist and later on got married . My second day of marriage I played Call of Duty for 10 hours straight , I've been called a game addict by every single member of my family and I kept and was keeping denying with anger inside me saying " you don't know how precious gaming is to me ". it sounded to me like someone is insulting your parents. My wife loved me and she went through alot , I refused many times her requests to go get groceries and at that time I didn't have a job , my father sends me money and I just sleep play till next morning and sleep again. 
    I got employed in a clinic and i thought i would keep busy and manage my time , I knew gaming is my problem at this stage but I just couldn't quit , I like games , can't waste my talent "ughhh" . Unfortunately the clinic has few or no customers , owner is a rich guy with multiple investments pays me monthly for sitting on my desk with a computer with internet , Game addiction devil comes in with this idea , i can't just wait for 8 hours to get to home and play CoD , why don't you play from work. I brought an old VGA card hooked it to my work PC and bought RAM sticks and there you go an affordable gaming pc , till last Wednesday I've been playing 8 hours from work and 4- 6 hours from home , my index finger got injured but i didn't care , in somedays I really was not into playing games but mostly i just escape from my life problems , bills , car installment, kids stuff - btw I have 3 kids-  
    I spent almost two years till now in this clinic with almost no customers. 
    On last Thursday while playing late at night i browsed google and found Cam's video talking about game addiction. Every thing he says about game addicts is on point , it really shocked me when I found out that dopamine is the thing that keeps me playing for no reason my whole life was a waste . I'm 30 yrs old , what did I achieve in life? I checked how much time I played all series of call of duty it was more than 5000 hours play time on PC only - i has Xbox and ps too- , I remebered a qoute then which is :" when you put so much time in something , you become so good at it" . I told myself " imagine if i've put all this time in my studies , hobbies , and anything but gaming, wouldn't I become a better dentist ?, a better person?"
    Of course I'm good at Call of Duty , Why? Because I wasted half of my youth on it .
    Did my 100 nukes give me extra attention or money ? did I get rewarded in real life , did I get recognized ? Did an organization hire you for being good at games? 
    Then why spend so much time on it?
    Now I quit because there is no reason to continue .
    I regret how selfish I was . I was prefering buying new gear for my pc over my own kids and my wife. 
    This time I'm determined and I don't think I'm gonna go back again.
    for a more than 15 years game addiction , i live through hell right now , i dream everyday about Call of duty , withdrawal symptoms are hard for me . But now I have my New family that support me
    the family is You 
    Best regards 
    The Gamer Dentist
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