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    time to do this
    Hello there, I guess I am doing this. 
    I have been playing games ever since I was like 8, I am 19 now. I tied to quit a while back but I just half-assed it, I lasted a week or so. I don't think that games are the worst of my vices, but I have to start somewhere and games seem like a good place to start because they have been my vice for the longest time. I was always an outcast and games helped me when I was feeling alone, I avoided a lot of suffering thanks to them and I am grateful for that. But times change, people change and what once worked now doesn't.
    And I am in a better position, I am not so weird anymore, I am getting myself sorted out, thanks to Dr. Jordan B Peterson ( seriously recommend you watch his youtube vidoes, he is a professor of psychology and has some really great insights) watching hours of his videos made me realize that I cant go on like this, wasting my time away like a slave to entertainment.
    I have missed a lot of opportunities because of games. I still remember the time when I was 15 and instead of going out with my friend and picking up girls I stayed home playing mass effect. I was obsessed with those games. I became very socially inept, my social anxiety is quite high, I don't have any other interests other than games, internet porn, drugs. But I am willing to do what it takes to get myself on the right track. I have a rough plan for my future and I sort of know what I want to do with my life. 
    So now, as doctor Peterson would say, I am going to try to slay the dragon, to embody the archetype of hero, fix myself and try to help others around me.
    Wish me luck  
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