What are three things you're grateful for today? Share in your journal. :)


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  1. Tom2 added a post in a topic Fresh Start   

    Awesome! You must be proud of yourself!
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  2. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    @giblets I think you don't need this because you already doing great. It's a kind of crutch for me  
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  3. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Day 31 was perfect!!
    - Almost 9 hours studying!! I added 'stretching' habits in Habitica app, and it helped a lot. It's my highest score this month. And my party in Habitica just began another new quest, and I'm the main dealer, so I have to be so disciplined because there's no healers in the party. I have to beat a boss by doing my best in my life. I have to kill the boss before he kills us. (There were couple of urgent moments when some of party members didn't do their daily habits. Some of the members died, so my plan in this new quest is, killing the boss before my party members become lazy... hehe)
    - I'm so happy right now, I wanna see if it's gonna be consistent or not.
    - Good night Gamequitters, see you tomorrow.
    1. I could study for 8 hours and 47 minutes.
    2. I'm happy with my role in Habitica party.
    3. I could translate some paragraphs in Wikipedia from English to Korean.
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  4. Tom2 added a post in a topic Octsober Country - Let's do this   

    Umm.. just hang in there... I have no idea what to tell you.. because of my lack of experience.. I hope you figure out how to deal with this problem. 
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  5. Tom2 added a post in a topic Bob's Journey   

    I also have some shirts and pants that are too small to wear. Maybe I should try some diets someday... When my learning plan goes really well... It's good to see your efforts! Keep it up!
    And I think being sad when the schedule like that postponed, is natural. Everybody deserves that emotion when that situation takes place.  
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  6. Tom2 added a post in a topic My Journal   

    Umm.. good question.
    I have funny ways to deal with cravings... It's not a perfect way to prevent me from gaming, but sometimes it works.
    There are a few friends that don't like the game I played. I ask them to play with me. Quite simple, isn't it? I can hear every, and lots of reasons why they don't like to play, with couple of times of rejection, so that makes me exhausted to persuade them. After this procedure, I just lose my cravings, because at some point, I begin to think the game I wanted to play as an empty thing, which is not worthwhile to invest my precious time in.
    Another way to deal with cravings is thinking about the amount of quests that I have to do in games. When I think about this, I begin to realize that I also have tons of things to do in the real life, and I get to choose the real life quests, not the imaginary ones.
    I also had relapsed, but now it's ok. I felt really sad and depressed at the moment, but now I'm getting better and better everyday, so it's not a huge problem if you believe you can do it this time.
    And it's very important to write journals everyday, even if you fail to be productive. I think it's so crucial because the moment I relapsed was the time I quit writing journal. Just come here and write about your mistakes. It's ok to share some experience from failures. These days, I think the medias, they are only interested in success stories, but I think learning from failures should be a very important topics to share.
    Lastly, if you have cravings and if you are about to relapse, don't be embarrassed to come here and share your stories. Writing and reading some posts in this forum is much more productive than gaming. I promise you that if I had came here consistently, 30 days ago, I wouldn't have relapsed at that time. I was so dumb and I just didn't do any school things(including some final exams.... quite embarrassing isn't it?) Just come here and talk to people until your cravings disappear.
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  7. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tux's Journal   

    Keep it up! I'm looking forward to reading your next story!  
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  8. Tom2 added a post in a topic CGI Clinic's Journal   

    I have a gamer friend and I didn't tell that I'm quitting. But I told them I'm busy these days, pursuing my goals. She understood and I sometimes have a chat with her using a messenger, not via games. As I get more immersed in my learning, the frequency I make contacts with her decreases. But I still believe that we're happy in each ones' lives. I didn't tell her to quit like me, because I watched a video Cam saying, 'the best way to make other players quit is being a good example, not asking them to do the same.'
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  9. Tom2 added a post in a topic SirJKs New Journal   

    Hang in there, we all have to face our own problems. You know it, right? If the things you have to do seem too many, just try to do something small part of them. Every single day.
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  10. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Day 30 YEAH!
    - I had to fix my cellphone as it had a problem, so it took most of my morning time. It was stressful so I kinda decided to get rest today. Slightly justifying   But I'm gonna get back on track from tomorrow. Nothing much to say.
    - I'm a bit dizzy and my neck hurts. I think it's because of the hard learning that I've been doing these days. I think I should get rest. Time to sleep. See ya
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  11. Tom2 added a post in a topic So here I am   

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  12. Tom2 added a post in a topic The Story of Corvus Albus   

    Owww.. 5 hours... alright. I'm definitely sure 5 hours today and couple of hours yesterday are over the standard of gaming in moderation... Did you make account in Habitica? Did you set up some good habits there? Why don't you share some of yours?
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  13. Tom2 added a post in a topic Captain Taru's Log: 20000 Withdrawals above the Sea   

    My today is also bad, but I still have 6 hours left, so I'm going to be an optimist like you. Hang in there. I think you did great, as you mentioned, you ate decently, and did some exercise. 
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  14. Tom2 added a post in a topic Captain Taru's Log: 20000 Withdrawals above the Sea   

    Good job! Keep it up!  
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  15. Tom2 added a post in a topic Tom2's 2nd attempt   

    Day 29 was perfect!
    - 7 hours of studying. I'm so happy about my effort.
    - I'm really tired but satisfied. It's 12:18 am and I'm gonna sleep right after I write the journal.

    - The blue graph is still safe. I want to see if this be more consistent than before. There were couple of times that I was like this, during my first attempt. So I'm not definitely sure whether it's safe or not. I'll be really careful in order to keep the blue graph alive.  
    - Again, good night, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Gamequitters  I hope your days be productive!
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