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  1. KevinV1990

    I am really happy now, an it is all thanks to the article I wrote on my site :).

    Check it out! (it is written in Dutch):

  2. KevinV1990

    I just have written down my goals today, and I am already working on one. I am busy writing the prologue of my book on gaming addiction. Want it to be personal, but I also want to make people look into the mirror. It's hard to choose the right words an approach...

  3. KevinV1990

    What a great productive day it was today, and it is not even over yet.

  4. KevinV1990

    Have done two of the three things which I wanted to do today, which I am quite happy about, since I felt down almost the whole day. Just kept struggling and fighting, and am happy with the results.

  5. KevinV1990

    I am feeling somewhat better right now, but maybe that has something to do with doing something else which I didn't want to do anymore, drinking energy drinks. I don't drink them very much anymore, as my acne doesn't react very good to them, but I felt that I really needed the energy boost right now, so for one time I break the rules.

  6. KevinV1990

    Feeling kind of down at moment, so that makes the temptation to turn on my Playstation 4 even bigger. I just can't seem to get things done at the moment, and it pisses me off.