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    Rule the World
    I'm visiting my home state, spending time away from the wife, and recentering myself while handling some shit. While I've flopped a couple times on my step away from games, porn, and browsing, I believe that's because I was ignoring my life goal of being globally influential because I wasn't connecting my skills with my aspirations. Blablabla, getting back to work on kickin' ass.
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  2. DJMY96 added a post in a topic Accountability partner to Get Fit! (and stay away from gaming)   

    30 year old male who goes for 5 miles a day on the elliptical machine with a few days of weight lifting each week. Well, that's the routine I follow on the weeks I workout. I work to make this consistent and to consistently push further. I live in California.
    My goal is to become an amateur MMA fighter rather than just wrestling with friends.
    Would be your accountability partner.
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    I'm Daniel
    I'm Daniel, and I've been plugging myself into self-help books and videos for 15 years. I'm attempting to quit gaming, porn, and mindless browsing. 
    I'm currently focusing on changing my daily rituals to attain a life that I want. Removing: gaming, emotional eating, drinking, porn, browsing mindlessly. Adding: exercise, journaling, meditation, and congratulating myself for behaviors I want.
    Working to define my purpose.
    Today's first day without games, porn, browsing, or alcohol. I gave myself a lot of high-fives at the grocery store for buying healthy food I like, rather than following my inner demons towards junk food and beer. Also, went to group therapy tonight, which was good.
    Despite today's accomplishments, I feel like a jerk. I've been dishonest with people about my progress in school and my daily activities for a week now. However, instead of hiding from that guilt and fear by gaming, drinking, etc. I'm stuck with facing it. And it sucks. *High-fiving myself for facing it.*
    Found this neat tool for anonymous confessions <>, used it, and actually feel a bit better.
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