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  1. plum_chum added a topic in Daily Journals   

    Abstaining from digital entertainment
    I did one day but I ended up fucking it up. 
    I think the solution could be getting a family member to keep my laptop away from me.
    The big problem for me was: I hate real life, it's so boring, there's nothing I really want from it. So I used that rationalization to jerk off and watch 8+ hours of twitch/youtube. 
    I also rationalize by saying to myself that I have no value because I am not a minority or a woman., so I don't belong in the real world anyway. 
    I do go to the gym, and that is good. I started learning Python, but I am willing to quit if I need to get rid of the computer. Perhaps i'll try again tomorrow.
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  2. plum_chum added a post in a topic I'm Daniel   

    Hello Daniel, and welcome to Gamequitters™ !!!
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  3. plum_chum added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    Tool, not a Toy
    I have a problem with using my computer to pass the time.

    Twitch, Youtube, porn, Paladins, Pokemon showdown, time-wasting on forums.
    It's generally 8 hours a day i'm on this. 
    Everything I need for this addictive lifestyle is at home. I get relatively bored and anxious when I leave the house.Self actualization gets thrown to the wayside as the addiction is a priority. I don't develop, I numb, which makes it harder to reintegrate.Attention span gets screwed up due to instant online gratification. It's hard to focus on rewarding real life goals.Online I get depressed reading about white men's inherent continual oppression toward women and PoC. It validates me being a shut-in so I don't oppress them. I want to put a "Tool, not a Toy" sign on my computer beside the trackpad so I am constantly reminded. 
    My goal is to develop myself as an individual, rather than consuming entertainment all the time.
    Thank you. 
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