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  1. KDY added a post in a topic [DE] Mein Problem   

    Es gibt Wörter auf deutsch die besser als auf englisch diese Spielsucht beschreiben:  Zeitfresser.  Wilkommen in die non-Enlgish Journals, dirkj3.
    Musik kann eine Art Meditation sein (spielen, nicht nur zuhören).  Als instrument, etwas einfach und nicht kostbar (ich habe gern Blockflöte, besonders tenor und alto).
    Es gibt auch Meditationen für Anfänger, zB mit Video
    Am leichtesten für Anfänger finde ich die geführte Meditationen, zB
    die man runterladen kann, um mit Ohrhörer anzuhören.
    Schiesslich gibt es auch Musik mit “binaural” beats, von Alpha bis Delta Wave.
    Eine Erklung findst du hier
    Es gibt immer Siten die kostenlose Downloads anbieten.
    Ich habe nur einige Minuten am Internet besucht.
    Die binaural Beats finde ich, haben eine gute Wirkung, auch wenn man sehr stressgeplagt ist.
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  2. KDY added a post in a topic [FR] Journal de KDY   

    Jour 26.
    Dès 2-3 jours, je commence à vraiment sentir ce que j’appellerais des symptômes de sevrage.   Je me sens toujours mal à l’aise, anxieuse, stressée.  Me concentrer sur une tâche quelconque – c’est la galère.  Mange trop, bouge pas assez.
    L’aut’ jour dans l’autobus j’ai vu un mec jouer à Boggle (jeu de mots) sur son smartphone.  Je me suis immédiatement dit, “Ah quel bon jeu – que j’aimerais le jouer, moi aussi – c’est un jeu intélligent . . . . “
    C’est ainsi qu’ont commencé des milliers d’heures passées au clavier et au souris, sans rien acccomplir.  Je viens d’achever 63% des exercices necessaries pour finir 8me année de maths chez Khan Academy (y en a plus de 500).  Ayant commencé le mois de mars avec environ 40% des exercices achevés, j’en suis fière.  Je n’ai fait autant de progrès depuis plusiers mois.
    Je commence aussi à me refamiliariser avec mon logiciel de MuseScore, pour transcrire des danses du 17me et 18me siècles – je ne me rappelle  pas la dernière fois quand j’aie touché de MuseScore.  Dommage, hein.
    Le soliel se levra bientôt.  Au ‘voir.
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  3. KDY added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    Feeling lost: seeking
    a mountain of achievements
    I can’t see for trees.
    Toxic gaming leak
    vented into cyberspace:
    warp core is safe now.
    If I meditate,
    just who will I encounter
    when I click “enter”?
    Anakin's Observation
    Om mani padme . . .
    hmmm.  A galaxy drifts ‘round
    this black hole’s heart

    Astronomy non-Dominé
    Spiral galaxy:
    two arms, black hole for a heart.
    Data loss:  guaranteed.
    Snow's White
    Turned seven hours loose
    upon the day.   They reported back,
    put their feet up, napped.
    For Tom Lehrer
    “prime” time can’t be divided
    between games and me.
    -- KDY
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  4. KDY added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    Zero, one, two, three --
    Solve the equation:  freedom
    Equals  infinity . . .
    fails, machines halt.  Everywhere
    a fresh perspective.
    Stars come out to play,
    Tumbling across the night sky,
    Pixel-free, sharp, bright.
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  5. KDY added a post in a topic [FR] Journal de KDY   

    Jour 13
    Toujours aucun jeu, ce qui me semble un peu incroyable.  Pendant les 3 - 4 années passées, le plus longtemps que j’avais quitté les jeux n’était qu’une poignée de jours.
    Jai encore visité le site web de Khan Academy et achevé quelques exercices de maths.  J’ai dessiné une affîche au moyen de GIMP.  Une fois libérée du plâtre rigide alouridissant mon bras droit depuis le 7 janvier au 7 mars,  j’ai même recommence à jouer mes flûtes à bec. )le kinésthérpeute estime que l’exercice musical peut servir de thérapie).
    But pour cette semaine:  rentrer à un autre site web préféré au sujet des sciences.
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  6. KDY added a post in a topic Starting Over With A Fresh (Real) Life   

    Welcome aboard!  People like you are an inspiration to me -- I don't suppose I gamed as heavily as you or many others, but definitely went into a long dive over the past 3 - 4 years where every irritation was solved by heading for the keyboard & mouse.  For me the key sign that I was addicted was that once started, I couldn't stop.  10 or 20 minutes of "relaxing" or "skill-building" games invariably ended 4, 5 or 7 hours later when I was falling down from exhaustion.
    Needless to say, my sleep cycle ceased to exist, I gained more weight than ever before in my life, I lost interest in things like gardening that used to be a real joy, etc. etc.  I quit gaming on March 08 (2017).
    The one thing I think that tripped me up in my earlier attempts to quit gaming:  I filled the time with more activities -- didn't dawn on me until I went through the Respawn stuff, that I had never designed an activity that was genuinely restful (except for reading).  That one-trick pony just wasn't enough to keep me away from the keyboards.  So I seem to be going back to writing poetry.  Might try to put to use a pretty expensive drawing course that I took about 5 years ago.
    On top of gaming, I was/am addicted to my other drug of choice -- exhaustion.  So a word of caution:  rest.
    Marcus Aurelius put it this way nearly 2 millenia ago:
    Do the things external which fall upon thee distract thee? Give thyself time to learn something new and good, and cease to be whirled around. But then thou must also avoid being carried about the other way. For those too are triflers who have wearied themselves in life by their activity, and yet have no object to which to direct every movement, and, in a word, all their thoughts. [Meditations, Book 2, Med. 5]
    Hang in there . . . .PS what instruments did you play?
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  7. KDY added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    Zero, one, two, three,
    Solve the equation: freedom
    equals infinity
    Transporter Room
    Ready to beam out:
    the only way off the ship
    is when shields are down.
    I guess creativity was one of the taps that got turned off when gaming took so many hours, cuz I kinda can't stop this . . . .
    Marshall MacLuhan called it
    the glass teat.  Now, when we curl
    inside?  the glass womb?
    Glass womb, classroom, flat
    screen to hide behind.  Breech birth
    messy, painful, real.
    Who has ears to hear,
    hear voices unmediated by
    electrons:  singing.
    Who has eyes to see,
    see colours unbalanced
    (no RGB):   free.
    Who has hands to touch,
    touch the living world again.
    It might touch you back.
    PS:  Cam, thanks for the shift+enter tip!
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  8. KDY added a topic in Main Room   

    Mentally engaging website
    Here's a website that meets Cam's criteria for being mentally engaging.
    It also does other Gamequitter's stuff:
    -- offers an escape (you hafta concentrate hard)
    -- constant measurable progress (you learn stuff & collect reward badges)
    -- a challenge (how about advanced calculus?  differential equations? electrical engineering?  computer programming?
    -- social (kind of:  you get to listen to Salman Khan's video lessons, or other experts on their fields)
            You can also become a course coach, take Khan Academy into your community & more
    Khan Academy is free.  Their motto is "A world-class education, for everyone, for free, forever". 
    I have a couple of other websites up my sleeve, but will parcel them out.
    The website is bug-free and never spams you.
    -- KDY
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  9. KDY added a post in a topic [FR] Journal de KDY   

    Jour 04
    Sans un seul jeux,  le seuil d’une autre journée passé.
    J’ai accompli pas mal de choses:  un tas de papérasserie pour notre club Star Trek; quelques recherches pour le physiothérapeute que je vais voir demain (pardon, c-à-d ce matin, pusique c’est déjà “demain”).
    Moment significatif:   retour à Khan Academy.
    Un peu d’histoire:  à l’écôle, j’ai eu une expérience complètement négative en maths.  Cet “enseignant” a ruiné toute la classe, y compris un élève de cat­égorie genie (lui qui n’a obtenu qu’une note de 63% au premier examen l’an prochain, après que nous nous sommes échappés d’onzième année!).  
    Je continue:  Il y a 4 ans, j’ai trouvé un site merveilleux:  Khan Academy.  C’est gratuit, sans aucun spam, interactif, et on avance à son propre rhythme.  Plus important même, Khan Academy sait comment nous motiver – y a des badges pour toutes sortes de progres (y inclus d’avoir à rerererepasser une leçon avant de la maîtriser).
    Khan Academie offre maths (l’américain) commençant par Kindergarten (j’ai commence par US Grade 3).  On peut étudier aussi sciences, informatique, arts et letters, économique/finance, et préparation pour examens tels que le SAT, MCAT, GMAT etc.
    Cam nous conseille de trouver des activités “mentally engaging” – voici un site qui vous engagera, avec progress mesurable.
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  10. KDY added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    Strawpiles:  work to do. 
    Rodents:  mice clicking sharp teeth,
    chewing time to shreds.
    Rotors in neutral,
    helicoptering to Earth: 
    touch down, grow up, live!
    -- KDY
    PS:  is there a way to get single linespacing?
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  11. KDY added a post in a topic [FR] Journal de KDY   

    Jour 03
    OK – l’optimisme d’hier un peu érodé aujourd’hui.
    Temps couvert, pluie altérnante avec neige pendant toute la journée.   Hier j’ai passée trop de temps à Gamequitters, me suis levée tard, rien accompli (bien qu’il y a un  tâs de choses à faire.  Ahhh . . .  . pas tout à fait rien.  Dans le module 2 avisant de préparer des activités en avant:  je’ai fait un promenade d’une demi-heure (malgré la pluie).  Me sentais mieux après.
    À demain.
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  12. KDY added a post in a topic HAIKU for Gamequitters   

    I thought I'd say . . . .
    So happy to see
    this thread collecting poems:
    Minds playing with words.
    Dull Diamond
    Solitaire for one,
    alone with machinery.
    Red, then black:  fade out.
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  13. KDY added a topic in Main Room   

    HAIKU for Gamequitters
    This came up in destroyah's journal, so thought I'd start the thread.
    Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry, rrrrreally short, no rhyming or fancy stuff needed.  If you can count the syllables in the words (of any language), you can haiku.
    All you need to know is the syllable count for each line:
    Line 1 = 5 syllables
    Line 2 = 7 syllables
    Line 3 = 5 syllables
    My offering for today:
    The mouse is a rat
    gnawing the bones of  my days.
    I'm setting a trap.
    -- KDY
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  14. KDY added a post in a topic [FR] Journal de KDY   

    Jour 02
    Comment que ce n’est que Jour 02?
    Module 2 commencé.  J’ai trouvé le mémoire-cache où rôdaient un tas de jeux pré-installés, ainsi que Kyodai Mah Jong 2000 que je n’avais pu trouver hier.
    Les premiers jeux que j’ai désintallés sont partis avec de p’tits cris de “traîtresse!” et “hypocrite”.  Ceux du Jour 02 sont partis plus docilement, sauf deux.  Un jeu de solitaire et un jeu d’échecs ont demandé pourquoi je les chassais.  Paraît que certains programmes de jeux sont infestés de bots pour prolonger l’infestation suite à encore de clics       (“Mais pourquoi est-ce que vous nous quittez??? Cliquez ici!)
    Pas de clics.  Contrôle / F4.  Ciao.
    Les jeux sont (dé)faits.
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  15. KDY added a post in a topic Destoroyah's Meltdown   

    Destroyah -- just read your entire journal to this point (I'm new around here).
    1)  You're an editor's dream ---- soooooo articulate across the whole spectrum, from ranting to analytical to philosophical.  And from a technical perspective on writing -- I've found more grammar, spelling and vocab errors in professional, published work than I found in yours (which means this is a compliment:  your stuff is better quality).  you write a mean poem too -- and I agree with an earlier comment:  if you try haiku, please post?
    2)  I agree with an early comment on your work:  let us all know when  you write a book.  A lot of writers hide behind a fog of words.  Your stuff is like being exposed to a fire hose (that's a good thing).
    3) Dunno if you realize how fundamentally creative you are -- from your real talent for writing, to your inventiveness with tech, to your art (and I seem to remember some talk about cooking??)
    PS:  About keyboards:  physically, I absolutely cannot use a flat keyboard.  I have to have an extra-wide, ergonomically curved board (they make fewer & fewer of them these days, and some of them are just dummied up to _look_ ergonomic, but lack the width and curvature to really be ergonomic).
    Back in the bad old days of typewriters, keyboards were wider, the keys spaced further apart (and on a steeper slant).  We were taught that the height of the "typing table" (gawd, I sound archaic) should be low enough, so that the hands resting on the home keys were just slightly below the elbow, with the wrists flat .  And nobody talked about carpal tunnel syndrome, even "secretaries" who spent hours a day hammering keys until they retired.  Now, keyboards are squished and flat and people buy gel cushions so they can type with their wrists flexed (I think the correct physio term is actually "extended") . . . and everybody's talkin' 'bout carpal tunnel syndrome.  (When my ancient pre-industrial MS ergonomic died, I got an Adesso.)
    PS 2:  If you like the I Ching, you might also like Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor, died 182 AD).  Interesting perspective, cuz in his entire life he saw something like 3 years of peace.  My favourite version is a translation by George Long (I like the archaic style of language).  Free here:
    Looking forward to your next post.  You've inspired me to haiku my way through my own journal sometimes when I fog the page with words (big weakness of mine).
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