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    28 year old, college dropout, little job experience. Feeling helpless
    I dont even know where to start. Recently for whatever reason I have realized I have a problem with video games and am attempting to resist them, even though by doing so I feel very helpless and in a bad place as this fog of gaming clears. Im realizing i have little job experience and I am a college dropout. Ultimately im realizing im a loser, and while i was focusing on being the best at this game or that game others were getting educated and building careers, they are buying houses, getting married, having kids, meanwhile ive been unemployed for 3 years and living with my mother with no current prospects for a brighter future. im lucky to have a gf of 9 years still who is coming to her breaking point, and i dont blame her. I just dont know where to begin, i feel like ive dug myself into this deep dark hole and im just waking up to realizing it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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