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    Justins journey to forever quitting.
    What up guys? This is my first journal post I plan on updating every few days about my thoughts and feelings as I go through the withdrawals and boredom of quitting games. I'll begin here at day 5 which is where I am at now.
    DAY 5
    So today I took a huge step towards forever quitting. I went to disk traders with my wife and sold my Xbox one and everything with it. I did this because I didn't want the temptation right in front of me. Im a true addict and even though my intentions are to quit , I know for as long as I have the console in the house I'll give in and next thing you know it's 5 am and my wife's pissed lol. Since not playing games these last 5 days I've noticed my wife treating me so much better, were spending alot more time together, and im actually getting better sleep. It's honestly hasn't been to hard but it's because I been busy. Right now is the first time I've been tempted because im beyond bored and my wife's gone. If I didn't sell my Xbox today I know I would have caved in and I been watching cam's videos and they are incredibly helpful. Video games are so stimulating and no other hobby can give me that kind of stimulation. So im learning to accept being bored is not the end of the world. Im looking forward to this journey and I can't wait to see the true potential I have in this world. 
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    Thank you guys glad to be here. Looks like a ton of amazing people and stories.
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    New to the community/ my story
    Hi guys, my name is Justin im 27. Im addicted to competitive gaming. I used to never play video games at least never online and maybe 5 hours a week. Then when I broke up with my gf of 2 years at the time. I felt a little down so I started playing Madden ultimate team it's like a fantasy football team that you build your team with different current stars and legends. You start with a bad team then you try to build your players by Saving up coins or some people buy packs they sell to get the best players. I was instantly hooked I mean football, competition, and rewards for winning I was sold. I started out average and then I started getting upset and started looking on YouTube for blitzes and spending money to better my team. I started practicing with elite players. I ended up getting very good so good I was ranked number 12 in the world and beat some of Madden's best players. I would spend the next 2 years playing 8-10 hours a day only thing I would do is work , eat, play Madden with little sleep. I spent a few hundred dollars and a ton of time so I could maintain my status on leaderboards. I recently this last year got married. I've cut back a lot but I still to play too much for my wife's liking. She feels second to the games. It's kinda scary how addicted I get and tuned out to the world. I vowed to my gf I'd quit. Im thinking of getting rid of the temptation and sell my Xbox. I need to find my purpose and motivation. Quitting video games is a huge challenge. Glad I found this community and cam
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