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  1. Nethic added a topic in Lifestyle   

    What makes you happy?
    Topic: Share the things that make you feel happy. 
    For me:
    -Cooking makes me feel very happy. It makes me feel like I care for myself, especially when I put effort into what I make.  
    -Cuddling with a girl that I'm in love with makes me feel very happy. 
    -Listening to jazz-hop music makes me happy. Stuff like this:
    What are the things that make you feel happy?  
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  2. Nethic added a post in a topic I'm so close to relapse   

    Just gotta love yourself man. 
    What does that mean to you? How can you love yourself more in the situation that you're in? Lying in bed, sick in bed for the past 10 hours...what can you do to love yourself more? 
    How can you be kind to yourself in your current state? How can you show yourself compassion in your current state? 
    You've taken some Self-Destructive / Self-Hating behaviors already. Eating junk food / binging on passive entertainment. Is there anything that you could do that would lead to real self-love, in your current situation? 
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