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  1. destoroyah

    Indefinitely on hiatus.

  2. destoroyah

    Note these:

    1. "Don't give advice uncalled for."
    2. "People won't tell you that you're a douchebag. They will just hinder your progress."
    3. "If the roots of a plant are unveiled, it will slowly but surely whither."
  3. destoroyah

    From December 2013 till Febuary 2017 i've spent 3000 hours on steam. I guess I have another 400 hours D3 and 400hrs 3DS + another 200hrs random shit.

    Just an approximation, that's 4000 hrs in 4 years.

    So 1000 hrs per year

    /365=2,74 Hours a day, that's 2 hours and 45 minutes a day on average.

    Seems about right.

    So at 2,74*5=13,7 hours per Working week, that's almost a whole awake weekday!


  4. destoroyah

    I am now a trackball hipster.