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How to reduce game addiction?


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My grandson is now 10 years old, he is very addicted to watching his phone, especially playing games, he spends most of his summer vacation playing games, this makes his academic performance drag down. My sister is very worried. We are looking for ways to help him focus less on the game so that he can study harder. Does anyone have any suggestions? please introduce me

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I am a recovering gaming addict and have 2 kids (1 and 3,5 years old). I can only imagine how I would handle this situation with my boys:

  • I would enforce a screen time limit because it's my responsibility to take of the health of my children.
  • I would explain why I am doing this (focussing so much on a screen and not the real world is dangerous makes me scared for his wellbeing)
  • I would do more things with him at start to ease the transition and keep my smartphone out as much as possible to model the behavior I want to see in him.

Cam (the founder of this community) actually has created some resources for parents, so maybe that's interesting for you (https://gamequitters.com/reclaim/9).

I didn't take the course, but I read a lot of cams content and can recommend it.
I hope I could help you a bit and wish you best of luck with your grandson


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