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New beginning the same journey

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On fasting, my mom and I are both trying to eat just two meals a day to lose some weight. She always stocks the fridge with ice cream and cake though hehe. Yeah I think you're right on the starvation piece. I felt kinda wonky from only eating one small meal that day. Makes sense what you're saying with evolution. Take care.

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Day 13


  • Positive: (Lab_work:8, Russian:13, R programming:13, Excel:9, Workout:9, Stretching:9) 
  • Gaming free:13 


Productive time: 08:29:00

Get out of bed time: 07:30


I will keep this one brief, pretty average day yesterday. I really enjoyed the warm sunny weather though. It was super lovely outside and overall a good day. The phone should be on it's way so I am super excited for that. It will be such a massive improvement compared to the phone that I currently have. It still might take few more days in the mail but hopefully soon. Can't wait haha. Update on the facebook thing .... not much has changed so will see, there is a possibility that I won't be able to unlock it and then it's basically just not facebook anymore I guess. Might be for the better though. 

@TheNewMe2.0 That is pretty good, I try to usually eat just two meals as well.  I like the convenience of it that I do not have ot prepare so many meals and I enjoy bigger meals anyway. It is also good for your teeth as you do not have so many acid attacks as my dentist friend would say haha. You too!


Thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow.

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