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Recruiting for MMORPG Study

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My name is Ezra Lockhart, and I am a doctoral candidate at Northcentral University. I am conducting a research study to learn more about MMORPG players’ experiences of problematic online gaming.

I am recruiting individuals that meet these criteria:
•    Are an adult aged 18 up to 40.
•    Have played MMORPGs for at least 5 years.
•    Invest at least 20 hours a week gaming or other MMORPG activities.

The activities for this research project will include:
•    A 40-minute interview, online from your computer, via Skype. The interview will be your choice of video, audio, or chat.

Your participation in this study is voluntary.



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My issues weren't with MMORPGs, unfortunately, so I can't be any help directly - but wishing you the best of luck with the study (and work on your doctorate!). It's really nice to see this getting some academic attention.

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