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Questions about messaging, video calling mobile app


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I want to use an application that can call many people conveniently in playing team games, currently I only know facebook messenger, yowhatsapp, zalo, .. but most of it will affect the speed of the game. . even makes the game connection unstable.
Do you have any suggestions for the best application?

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Better to play board games (the actual ones you can buy from the store) and card games with people in person. 

In all honesty, it is better to go spend time with people and talk like gargamel is suggesting. 

Tbh, expect people to discourage playing online games on this forum as a lot of folks here have freed themselves from those kinds of entertainment and have lived free from it from quite some time. 

Thus they (as well as I) would discourage you from continuing in the same life that has crippled a lot of us who once lived in it. 

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