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How I’m quitting Overwatch


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@ Whocares . My experience tells me I can’t even watch action films. Thankfully, I prevent external stimuli within my environment that trigger gaming memory. Just the thinking about video games on its own is harmful for me.

We are sometimes in a doubt whether the “modern” way of living is worth it. Ever thought about ready made food that has a low cost base but costs you health in the next 5-10 years? 

All these subjects on GQ concern taking comfort out of our lives. Im going to cook my lunch meal for tomorrow. Its going to cost me time, effort, will taste ok (but not as great as take away), but it will give me a stronger body in the years to come.

Same with gaming. It offers quick enjoyment, but it just isn’t worth it for your long term plans. Do we want to be mentally fragile, given the fact we’ve got so many responsibilities to come in our lives? 

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