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January Recap - What Are You Celebrating?

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3 hours ago, Talby said:

It's such a liberating experience changing your perspective of something that you struggled with for such a long time, particularly as there's still people I know/knew and in the media trying to tell me that I'm not addicted, that's an unhealthy way of looking at it blah blah blah.

People see what they want to see. The way I see it, it's my life and I decide whether it's a problem or not.  Which gives me control over my behaviours and what I say.

As I said, liberating.  Thank you for your reassurance and to everyone on here for opening their hearts and minds 🙂

100% on the liberation part. Regarding gaming, liberation came to me when I understood I gamed because the rest of my life was haywire. Regarding people/relationships/myself, liberation came to me when I understood that we all have certain needs and that we all interact with one another to get those needs met, so we can prosper. I also self-diagnosed myself with addiction and depression, because I decided gaming interferes with too much that I want to do in life otherwise and doesn't provide good enough return.

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I am celebrating that I stopped ignoring health issues, suppressing feelings and thoughts.

I started treating people on this forum seriously, and it produced tangible positive changes in my life. When I first saw this website, I thought it was not worth registering here.

I put a plan in place to find a meaningful empowering job. I am committed to never settle for mediocrity, although it scares me somewhat. But that’s just human.


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