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Doing this again for the last time

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Day 1

Hello again everyone.

Since I'm doing this again for the last time, I though I might start a new journal.

I'm giving myself this only and last shot. I need to quit video games for the next year, so until january 29th 2021. If I'm not game free for the next year I'm going back and never trying again.

I feel like giving myself an ultimatum is the only way the detox will actually work. So here we go again.

Also, If anyone is interested, I'd like to have an accountability partner. Anyone who is interested, please, please leave a comment bellow :) .

I'm reading up on respawn again, and I will apply every single step outlined there. 

Gaming and porn has severely impacted my mental health. I feel like im going insane, it needs to go away for good. 

I'm currently jobless, looking for a job as a copywriter. I plan on going to a bussiness school here in Belgrade. I'm gonna start studying today. 

My social life has been stable, I can safely say. I see my friends as much as I can. But no girlfriends, since my ex.

I really do hope this is my last detox and that It will work. 

I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys and I'm looking forward to an accountability partner.

Have a wonderful day!


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First of all welcome again. Good that you are ready to tackle it again. But let me tell you that I am worried about the way, how you are tackling it. I think, you create enourmous pressure to yourself my making this your last shot. I have never seen this work. Never! Why? Because, I think that you are now like a heavily overweight person that refuses to eat candy and talks to herself: NO CANDY NO CANDY NO CANDY... This is not working. Over time, it will create a lot of tension that will only become stronger and stronger. The only thing that will give you release, is gaming. So what is the alternative?  The most important thing is the process. Instead of being a gamer desperately trying to not play, you have to become a non gamer. You have to change your identity. Not the number of days and results are important, but what happens right now. I know that almost everyone here is counting the number of days of not gaming, but I don't think that this is necessary.

So what is it that a non gamer does? He is obviously not playing games. Maybe he goes out a lot or does some sport I don't know. You can do, whatever you want. Find new activities, with which you can fill the time, you now have, because you are not gaming. Whatever you like. Eventually, you should also delete steam, twitch, and basically everything gaming related. If you are a non gamer, you don't need it anymore. If you still refuse to do this than you are still a gamer. 

To become a non gamer, you need to prove it to yourself with your own behaviour. For me it worked to focused on studying like crazy. Also diet and sports have become so important for me that two weeks before I decided to quit gaming for good, I almost completely forgot to game at all, because I was to busy. So maybe make your studying a new passion. Turn into a hard worker, a die hard learner and focus on your career. Maybe start working out and get ripped. Become a work ethic beast. You will forget about gaming. It has no value in your life anymore.

If you want to learn more about the idea of identity based habits, here is a good article I would say: https://lifehacker.com/stick-to-your-goals-this-year-by-using-identity-based-h-5973583

But please don't use this ultimatum, where you put this enourmous pressure on yourself. You will set yourself up for failure!


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Day 19 

Just wanted to say I'm still going strong. Been so busy I haven't had time to write here. I got a job, I'm studying for school and I'm seeing my friends when i get the time. 

I hope you're all doing well! 

Have a wonderfull day! 

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