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NEW VIDEO: The EASIEST Way to Stop Gaming

Been on the fence for a couple years, finally committed and got the program


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Hi everyone!

So I first read about game quitters in 2017 and was passively active in the Reddit community, but I never really committed to quitting. I was also a HARD CORE alcoholic at the time and my gaming and drinking were very closely related... couldn't do one without the other. I'm happy to say that I gave up drinking for good in mid 2018 and haven't touched a drop since, however I still game quite a bit. While I'm certain that I'm a video game addict, it's nowhere near as bad as my drinking was so I never had much impetus to quit. I still maintain a job, go to college, and all that... I just wish I did more productive things in my free time. I'm trying to get back into music production which is a hobby I had when I was a teenager and was replaced by drinking and gaming. I write, but not at my full potential because instead of researching my topics and editing my drafts, I play video games. I'm tired ALL THE TIME because I don't get enough physical activity, eat like crap, and stay up til midnight gaming. I am a peer recovery coach for alcoholics and drug addicts but when it comes to video games I obviously still have a lot to learn... and we're often not the greatest at treating ourselves without help!

So in short, I need to quit! Looking forward to learning from all of you. I bought this program instead of buying a game which would have cost $10 more, so I'm already ahead.

Just a quick question though... in module one of the elite program, the video says I should already be familiar with the 90 day detox. I haven't seen this anywhere yet. Have I missed a step?

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Did you ask yourself why you choose to play rather than do something else? This question holds the key to recovery.

I responded to this question when I was 16 years old in the following way: “because gaming is just like any other task, be it sport, socializing, cleaning the household etc”

The following couple of years illustrated to me my mistaken belief. Success is “hard coded”. What this means is that you will hit a certain barrier as a gamer after which no amount of mental reframing will make you feel that you’re okay spending days playing. If the president of the country and his ministers would have told you that you’re okay as a gamer, you still wouldn’t be able to reframe it. Same goes for alcoholism and gambling.

This realization made me cautious and I haven’t reverted.

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