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Juanito The Miraculous

Video Game clutter in my brain

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How can I get rid of video game clutter in my brain? Because I mostly think about and talk about video games which sometimes causes issues. I still think about and talk about non-video game stuff sometimes, but I mostly think about and talk about video games since that's what I love. I learned how to play Taiko for my video game addiction using the Taiko video games (Taiko Drum Master/Taiko no Tatsujin), but I'll have to start comparing real Taiko to the Taiko video games. I also like to use a controller to control myself too by having one in my pocket, acting it out, and talking about it. SOMEBODY HELP ME WITH THE VIDEO GAME CLUTTER IN MY BRAIN!!!




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Mindfulness meditation has evidence of helping with intrusive thoughts. https://iaytjournals.org/doi/abs/10.17761/ijyt.19.1.r3kj66t8l6p47p8r 

What is neat too is that the amount of minutes that you spend doing it every day doesn't seem to impact the degree of how much you benefit from it. That means, you'll get just as much benefit from meditating 5-10 minutes of your day as you would like 30 minutes. It seems for "brain clutter" or "unwanted thoughts" it was more important that you're doing it over a long period of time. (So if you have been meditating 5 days a week for 2 weeks, you'll have more of the benefits than if you've only been doing it for 2 days).

As for my own anecdotal experience, I find movement very helpful. Get moving! In whatever way sounds fun to you. A walk in the park is valuable, but my mind feels so clear after a lot of sweating, so I recommend that.  

Also, maybe it's okay that your rl taiko experience reminds you of the game. Video games have given us positive experiences, but you've hit the ceiling for what they can offer you, so you're moving past them. It doesn't mean the good things gained are worthless or we should never talk about them again.

 As far as conversation topics, I find people are genuinely interested in hearing about volunteer projects. Maybe you could learn a lot about a community not many people know about. Many volunteer programs train individuals on topics like how to be a hearing partner, illiteracy, animal behavior, assertive communication because they are essential skills and insights for the project. This gives insight and experience that can be interesting to other people to hear about. Good luck!

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