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Kis's Game-Free Journey


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Day 1

I began my journey to being game-free. My goal with this is to try and find a balance in life. To get back to doing what I love. It scared me how easily it became to lie to my family, to play at work when no one was watching, and overall how wrapped up in gaming I became. I’d like to spend the 90 days focusing on myself, lose a little bit of weight, and learn some new things.

Today was a bit emotional. I said goodbye to my gaming friends and explained what I was doing. Gave my accounts away or deleted them. They were supportive and helpful to making it work for me. A couple of friends even gave me some tips on how to stay away. Despite that, it felt like I was losing my friends, even though I know that’s not true.

Went to see the movie, Aladdin. It was funny, enjoyable, and got me to cheer up.


Day 2:

Spent the day catching up on laundry, because the washer broke, so I was able to stay busy. Got the house cleaned, some book reviews for work done, and even replace the hard drive in my laptop (it crashed). I reconnected with my audiobook book club friends and plan on being involved in that. We are listening to Skyward this month.  I think some things I might want to learn or revisit during this time are:

1.       Golfing-I love golfing and it’s relatively cheap due to having all the free golf balls I could want.

2.       Pickleball-a friend said he’d teach me how to play and there are courts near me at the park.

3.       Leadership Skills-I have quite a few, but I think honing them and fleshing out this area of my skills could be beneficial.


Day 3:

Watched Captain Marvel. Slept through part of it, but it was a really good show. I think, however, I better go back and rewatch them before I see the next movie. I did have some cravings to return to the games I played, but was able to find healthier pursuits for the day. I exercised, read another book, and played with my dogs. I think in the next few days, I will make a list of healthier things to do to fulfill the need gaming filled.

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