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Does anyone play a musical instrument?

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I played the piano when I was 9 years old. I love touching the keys and playing my fingers from it. 

I used to take lessons while back. The mostly thing I can’t do is reading the notes. I learn of my pieces purely by ear. 

I play different types of genres of songs like pop, r&b, video game music, etc.

Another fact, is I love improvisation. I like my pieces to have good melody and quality to the song.

Here’s video of my me playing:


Despicato - Luis Fonso ft. Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber

River Flows In You - Yiruma

Canon In D - Pachelbel

Love Story - Lyn



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I can play the guitar. It's not much, I could really have learned how to improve my guitar skills, but I've lost too much time with useless stuff (like gaming). I can only read the chords. Can't read notes and not even learn by my ear. But I found myself to be useful with my guitar sometimes. Twice a month I play somewhere, in the church or with friends.

I've never uploaded a video with me playing, but some of the songs I most like to play are:

Maria Maria, by Milton Nascimento

Samba da Bênção, by Vinícius de Moraes

Dear Prudence, by The Beatles

Il Viaggio, by Claudio Chieffo

I am the Walrus, by The Beatles

I hope someday I have time to better myself in this. And maybe I can record myself playing.

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Man, hearing you play those songs really makes me wish I carried on with piano. You play beautifully.

I started playing when I was around 10 but got bored with it as I got older and gave up. I replaced it with guitar when I was 14 or 15, and that became my main instrument for years. I was in a successful band, we even recorded an album and played festivals, but after I went to university I started devoting less and less time to my musical pursuits.

I even started learning the violin last year, but soon stopped playing that as well.

I owe a lot to music, and it completely changed who I am as a person. Not carrying on with piano is still one of my biggest regrets.

After August I'll be spending all my time travelling around Asia and working remotely, so it's not exactly ideal to carry around musical instruments with me 🤣 So it'll be a while until I'm in a position to really improve myself to the point I'd always dreamed of. Ah well, I'm still young. Plenty of time to focus on that later on 🙂 


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Started when I was 15 playing guitar (Just over 5 years now). Guess I was just really devoted to it, was the only thing I stuck with throughout my addiction (and before realising it was a problem). I learnt by ear and after a few years did it in school. Overall tho it's not necessary to learn how to read the notes. I enjoy improv a lot and it's the best way to learn. Reading notation and going through theory will just slow you down imo, only needs to be learnt if you want to go deep into learning it.

I tend to play heavy music (Parkway Drive) and play rhythm. I'm not great at lead, but it's something i'm focusing on now. Gets to a point where you can play anything or learn it really easily lol, that's when it gets amazing.

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