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Can I play play console games when asked by friends?

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A question that has been on my mind recently can be summarised in the following explanation;

I spent 15,000 hours on computer-games, two in particular; Mount and Blade: Warband and Fortnite. When I was a child, I never had an urge to play console games but when I did, it'd be with my friends and the whole process was very casual. After I transitioned to playing computer games, I wrinkled my nose at console-players. Now that I've given up playing computer games for good, I'm rather sensitive about touching anything game-related. However, I was never remotely addicted to console games yet from giving up computer-games, I've developed this idea that if I were to play on a console, it'd detract majorly from the progress I've made in the recent months. In theory, it should not but I know it would. Therefore, should I abstain from playing the PS4 until the urges to play computer-games dissipate or can I allow myself to play thirty minutes of COD with my friend if he asks? Through writing this, I believe I've answered my own question. The very reason I'm bringing this up proves I should stay away from anything game-related until those urges are gone. 

Also, my mum got home from work last night and my friend and I were filling out an application on the computer that I used to use for gaming. She said wide-eyed, 'You're not gaming, are you?' which I found to be quite agitating as she's been at the helm of a cascade of compliments in the past month, i.e. 'Chris, you've made so much progress! I'm so proud of you.'

She's made comments when noticing I hadn't been joining in with my brothers or cousins, when they're playing on our PS4. Although, I've never been addicted to console games. She views games as a whole thus clearly can not differentiate between a console and a computer which exacerbates my annoyance with her. I'd lose credibility in her eyes if she were to find me playing on a console with a friend, albeit lackadaisically and non-suggestively. Therefore, I'd adopt a cynical view of my progress and quite frankly, I'd feel like I'd corrupted the ground I'd covered up to this point. 

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One this normal its what I call a tornado effect in which your mind is trying to rationalize to playing games again. To put it simply video games are video games whether their console or PC. 

I did once during my detox when I did play with friends and I probably should have not because lead me back to video games even though I made new friendships along the way. I would not encourage playing videos games with friends during your detox, it may be hard but you come out better for it.    

I think you should go cold turkey during your 90 days and trying to find something to occupy your mind their list of hobbies you can do on the game quitters site here a link  https://gamequitters.com/hobby-tool/

This should help find a replacement for it.

The question is you have to ask is this going to help you or hurt you? Will be moving on with life or stuck in the same area for a year?

The choice is up to you.


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