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Looking for someone from the UK: Details

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A few suggestions.

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1. A section for dating advice - Since some haven't dated much/at all and some are in or have had serious relationships

2. A section for advice about family/friends - Including if family or friends don't accept the stopgaming decision

3. A section for a collection of tips  - Doubleups should be avoided and others can contribute sharing how a certain tip has worked for them

4. A section for hobbies, branching into hobbies - For people to share how certain hobbies have replaced gaming (as well as its similarity to gaming) and discuss how they help to stopgaming. People who're exploring new hobbies can also read more abt it from others that quit gaming.

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Thanks for your suggestions - will consider them. We used to have a lot of subforums for specific niches but found they weren't used much. For now the Ask the Community section can be used for a lot of these to have more megathreads on topics.

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