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90 days of Melancholic Banter

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Day 25

I'm just going to write this one short since I keep procrastinating.

Good few days, got some stuff done, put this off like 8 times.

Wrote something here so hopefully i do more tomorrow. 

Peace 🙂



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Day 27

Also gunna be a little short. Last night with house hunting with my friends and after weeks of searching we've found a house we like, so might be moving really soon.

Had a doctor's appointment this morning (it was supposed to be yesterday but I slept in 😞)


Waking up at 9 am and sleeping in my bed instead of on the floor!

Day 30-something of no videogames!

I made cheesecake from scratch last night (it wasn't sweet enough, but it made a good breakfast) like an orange cheese quiche almost

I'm done my three day vacation and won't have much time off for the next while, once the weather warms up I need to talk with a Red Seal chef about a possible apprenticeship, and I have my volunteering with the boys camp next weekend. It's my moms birthday on monday so I'm happy monday tuesday are my standard days off 🙂

Love you guys! Thanks for the support 😛 


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