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Daily Journal - Samon

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Dunno, writing in the journal somehow is a part of the night routine. I would like to keep that. But just a bit earlier so 2hours before sleeping i guess would be good. But thanks for advice :)

31/90 without any LoL Content | Played Instrument: Yes! | Coding: Yes! | Learned for driving license: Yes! | Writing in my Journal: Yes, right now!

good day overall again I think. Routine worked, got some learning stuff for coding from a good friend(well I only know him online but still sometimes he gives me more advice than my "real" friends, well tbh i dont have real friends, the only ppl I can rely on are my family members), so that gives me again a good push to keep going. I keep writing "coding' but basically I am reading many things, not code acutually. I started with coding to get some basics, but now I want to create my first big project and for that I need some theoretical stuff first. Thats what I am doing currently. Without the advice of my friend to learn the theory first, I started to code things which I dont understand -> 0 progression(Maybe you remember all the commentars in my post about that i am stuck in coding...). Yea, but now its good I think. 

Playing with the instrument goes good too. Good progression and it makes fun. Stuff with the driving license goes on too. 

Thats all for today, see you tomorrow guys

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You're doing great! I think making the decision to start your own project is a huge step for you. I hear that's what the software companies value most in new hires.

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